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Meg here and I’m bringing you love and beauty and it’s Valentine’s Day soon! Here’s the thing, the media (wait, that’s me but not really) I’m “media light.” Valentine’s Day is the day where romance=money. Big money, I’m sorry if you’re single. So is the market. 15.7 BILLION was spent on Valentine’s Day last year. The average man spent $116.21 to woo his honey in 2011. It’s a money making machine this crazy little thing we call love.

The weirdest part? The gift most woman want is just an “I love you” and not counting emotions into dollars but, the last time I checked that was free.  That’s all 87% of woman wanted to hear on the great V-day, but yeah, he’s a little screwed if he doesn’t follow it up with roses so I don’t mean “screwed’ in the positive way.

I’ve always bought my own flowers, I’m more into peonies then roses anyhow. I am a stickler for jewelry though. I mean, flowers die after a week.

I had the weirdest conversation with my Gram. I know she reads the site but she’s so old school it hurts my brain to try to wrap around what she says. I’m sure she thinks the same. “Oh Meg, I visited Dad and told him you’re not with the same boy anymore. I think he got rid of you for asking for that expensive bag.” What? It was like Charlie Brown’s teacher’s “blah, blah, wha, wha.” I guess back in her day you didn’t say things you wanted. Maybe it’s a depression era thing. Maybe “The Greatest Generation” was super great because they just smiled and nodded. I’m not that Great. Never claimed to be.

If you’re looking for a material item to make you feel better I can tell you the truth, it will. It will for maybe an hour. A glorious, heart-dizzying hour. But it will fade. It will fade unless the person that gave it to you wants to give you a glorious item because he thinks you’re that special and that amazing and he has the means to give it to you. Then it doesn’t fade, then you feel special every time you wear it, spray it or clasp it around your neck. And yes, sorry Gram, sorry “Greatest Generation” but you, “This Generation” are that great. You bring a lot to the table, you deserve to feel special because you are. The minute someone whisper’s in your ear “blah, blah waah, waah.” Tune out. You deserve all that and an “I love you” on top. If a fabulous bag is thrown into the mix then HOORAY!

My last relationship didn’t work out the way I wanted. It had nothing to do with the bag I desired. There were a lot of factor’s that culminated to its demise. However, I am happy to say, I really love him and we talk everyday (as I tend to keep a positive relationship with all of my serious ex’s. Why not? There was something about them that you loved at one point.)

I’ve always been outgoing. I can talk to anyone. I am a total people person. Life laughs at you, takes these qualities into consideration and says “You’ll work alone in a room in your back bedroom.” Because Life is a mean bitch sometimes.
So, believe it or not, I don’t meet a lot of people in my back bedroom.

I have never tried online dating. I thought it was for people that couldn’t talk to people in real life. But what about me? I can talk to anyone and just don’t ever have the chance to. I can talk at events and if I were a gay man I would clean up that scene and be a dating machine!…But I’m not.

So I took (after several friends suggestion) the plunge. I signed up for an OK Cupid dating profile. What could it hurt?

It hasn’t hurt, however it has made me consider a nunnery. I was still trying to figure out my profile and had 50 dates emailing me. They were not people I would date. They were nuts. However, I’ve been on for a day now and sifted through 200+ emails and I’ve found 3. I’ve found three guys I would be willing to go out with. Three I would have never found if I didn’t try. So there’s that. I don’t know if I’ll find a future there but I may find a few witty dinner companions.Editor’s side note (that’s me) Meg is off OK Cupid. The freak factor was a bit too high. Back to square one.
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I don’t know how someone really defines “love.” But I feel it every single day. I don’t need it to be material but it’s definitely nice when a little “sum sumthing” is added. I LOVE cuddling up to my dog. I love when a girlfriend is there to wipe away any tears. I love knowing that even though a romantic relationship dies a friendship doesn’t.

I guess, not to be corny, but to be corny, I love that I love myself. I love that, even though I’m a bit weird or as my Gram likes to say “March to the beat of my own drum” I own it. I love that. Because it doesn’t matter how rich, it doesn’t matter how handsome/hot/kind/successful someone else is in your life, if you don’t love yourself, you wont be happy. You’ll just resent it and them and you.

So here is what I want. I want three (3 things Genie!)

1. I want to know what you would spend $116.21 on yourself for.
2. I want to know how you feel love without outside validation, what makes your heart sing!
3. I want to know how you meet people!

Can you do that? Go enter MOR’S Facebook and like them and you’re up for a free Limited Edition THE VOW SET! Here we’ll have 3 winners for the best replies! We bring you all that and MOR!

Happy Friday and know this, I LOVE YOU!!


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