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morsoaptinSweetassgal checking in on the first shopping Tuesday of the month bringing you all things perfectly lovely this holiday shopping season that you can gift with a clean conscience.  I must confess that I am an old soul.  Always have been.  Even as a child I would turn down new gadgets and technical gizmos in favor of old fashioned adornments and novelties.  I’m the kind of person who would walk down the street with a lace parasol and use a monogrammed hankie if it wouldn’t cause my loved one’s to think I’ve gone straight off the beam.  I love old fashioned things like fountain pens and personalized stationary, wide brimmed hats with silk flowers, silver tea sets and lace linens.  
So I was giddy as a school girl when I discovered a true treasure in my mail wrapped with black ribbon and cased in a beautiful white and gold gilded tin.  The letters MOR shone up to greet me from the top of the box and I knew there was something exquisite tucked within.  I was MOR (get it?) than right.  Upon opening bountiful belladonna, luscious feijoa lime and whimsical white hydrangea wafted up to greet my nose.  Three MOR scented Emporium soap bars have been gifted to me individually wrapped in Victorian inspired paper and ribbon, finished with an old fashioned seal of the MOR insignia.  This is a tiny treasure trove of old world bounty and my visual stimulation was matched only by my anticipation of touching these little “remnants of 17th century decadence”.  Triple-milled, hand crafted and never tested on animals I knew my journey back to a time of bygone opulence via the world of MOR soaps would be a true luxury.
Belladonna can be loosely translated to “beautiful woman” in italian and judging by the scent of this intoxicating soap I can’t imagine any woman not feeling like the sweetest and softest creature on earth.  MOR describes…”Belladonna fragrance is a Spring symphony of White Narcissus, Moroccan Rose and Pink Tulips enlivened with a sparkling mist of Meyer Lemon. Finally it is sweetened with a touch of French Cassis, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk to leave a trace of tender warmth.”  This is a scent like no other.  It’s feminine without being too flowery, it’s elegant without coming across as stale and it’s lightly sweet without being sickeningly so.  It’s a crossroads of everything elegant and charming in a lovely embossed bar of triple-milled indulgence.  Just holding this in your hand makes you want to tuck it away like a precious gem so you never have to see it’s loveliness melt away.
“Fresh and Fruity Feijoa flits with a blend of Candied Citrus, Pear Blossom and Apple Leaf, leaving the warm base of Vanilla to balance this delectable fragrance”
is the description given my MOR to its second offering of the collection.  True to my most favorite scents (those being citrus and fruits) I am completely obsessed with this soap.  I don’t even feel that using the word “soap” is an adequate description.  Infused with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, this is more of a moisturizing skin soak in bar form.  The richness of the soap is so lush that I find myself searching the website for anything Feijoa and Lime scented to accent my home with.  I can only hope they’ll extend this scent to a collection of home products such as candles and old fashioned scented drawer sheets so I can experience the invigoration every time I open my lingerie drawer.  I’m in heaven and this will absolutely be a repeat buy for me.
Our final treat is the White Hydrangea scented soap and is truly the most romantic and and elegant of the trio.  I’m immediately put in mind of afternoons on the veranda drinking a cool glass of tea, lounging in white wicker chairs, and letting the scent of the nearby garden tickle your nose.  According to MOR this is soap is “Juicy Melon and a bouquet of White Flowers mingle with Musk to embody a majestic Summer afternoon in this unique fragrance” which tells me I was right in my analysis!  I am going to tuck this baby away until the dull of winter has driven my skin to boredom and then I can release it with this incredibly fresh smelling treat.
MOR has a perfect handle on the luxurious, opulent and decadent market.  Everything is a feast for the senses.  The look of the elegant packaging, the intoxication of the scents, the feel of well made products, the “ooh and ahh” sounds you make as you discover each bar…everything short of how it might taste should you get the notion (please don’t).  The beauty is in the details, the painstakingly well thought out presentation, the indulgence artistically crafted product.  MOR has done an incredible job of bringing together three simple soaps and making them into more than just a gift tin…but a delightful showpiece of distinction and class just waiting to be given to someone special this holiday.  Just one warning…you’ll find this so lovely you won’t want to give it away!  Better get one for yourself too!
GLAM ON! What era do you thing you were supposed to be born in and my GOD TRY MOR!! It is fabulous!

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