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MOR body creamHello, SharonD here!
When I was growing up on a farm, my favorite time was spring until fall when all the flowers would bloom in the pastures, my grandmothers rose garden was in full show and the fruit trees scented the air with their various scents. Now that I own my own place, my first major project for our home was a beautiful landscaped yard where I could see and smell the mountains flower and my yard filled with various flowering trees, herbs and flowers creating such a pleasant relaxing scent.

A few days after Christmas I overheard my son and husband talking about scents and what they do and don’t like. I know I shouldn’t snoop on them, but how else was I to hear the real truth.  Both made it very clear they really dislike food scents on females. My son’s exact words were “If I wanted to go out with a vanilla cone, I would have gone to Baskin Robins”. Both of them went on to say they loved my Hypnotic Poison, Coco, Channel #5, Avon Tomorrow and Avon Today. They loathed White Shoulders, Casmir, and a number of perfumes I have had sitting around. Then Jay mentioned that I had recently gotten a new body butter that has the most unique antique flower garden scent. He said it reminded him of the gardens we had visited in the Netherlands and enjoyed it when I put it on before bed. He said it was calming yet sexy. The product he was mentioning was MOR Marshmallow body cream.

MOR Marshmallow Body Cream is an off white colored cream that is softly whipped designed for intense absorption. Emollients of extracts of Mango and Peach soothe and protect dry skin. The product has Marshmallow in the name however it has no marshmallow scent. This product contains wonderful natural moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa seed butter, wheat germ oil, glycerin, aloe, marshmallow extract, peach fruit extract, rose hips oil, avocado oil, soybean oil, and ginger root extract. I am not sure where the mango scent comes from. This wonderful scent reminds me of an heirloom flower garden, not to strong, more on the sexy relaxing side as my husband described. The body cream moisturized my very dry skin and with continued use has really helped my skin become more supple and smooth.

MOR is collaboration between Australian designers, Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor. They first met in 1998 unaware that in just over three years they would be running what would become a hugely successful international body care company.

At the time of their meeting, Dianna was building a reputation as a talented visual merchandiser and Deon was an industrial design graduate and a co-owner of a budding, Melbourne-based interior design company.

With a shared passion for travel, food and the arts, their union led to the development of an extensive range of contemporary lifestyle products and the opening of an interior-design retail store in the Melbourne CBD. Their signature pieces included lamps, vases, candle holder and stationery with chic-urban edge.  

The range extended to include a collection of soaps, their first foray into the world of beauty products. A collection of lotions, aromatic oil blends and candles followed soon after. Inspired by traditional apothecary, they had fallen in love with the endless possibilities of blending age old & contemporary ingredients and decided there and then to channel their energies into this vision.

In the midst of discussing their newly made plans in May 2001, in the back of a New Delhi cab, Deon spotted a street sign with the word, MOR (meaning peacock in Hindi). It struck a chord and upon their return to Melbourne, the pair immediately registered MOR Cosmetics.

Today, MOR brings you over 250 exquisite pampering products. The brand is sold in some of the world’s savviest beauty and lifestyle emporiums, spas and department stores, including Harrods & Fenwick’s in the UK, Fred Segal, Nordstrom, Lisa Kline & Anthropologie in the USA, David Jones & Myer in Australia.

This product comes in a stunning 8.5 ounce black glass container with a gold lid packaged in a beautiful pink box embossed with gold foil. You can buy this product direct from MOR for $34.00.  I have not ordered this product so I can not comment on packing and shipping. I highly recommend this scented deep moisturizing product for those with very dry skin and would like the body cream to have a nice soft floral fragrance.

Ladies, what’s your experience with MOR products?
What’s your favorite scent?

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