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The fabulous woman of my dreams, Danielle from MOR COSMETICS sent Megs Make-Up out some of their Chinoiserie Soap Collection to test. I know this post is going to be wordy.

I LOVE all that is Art Deco, I have my bedroom outfitted with all mirrored chests and dressers. A Crystal Chandelier hangs over my bed. What would make it perfect? I have been tirelessly searching for a silk wallpaper that had a chinoiserie pattern with the gorgeous chinois bird. Something classic, almost tone on tone, a classic Hollywood Screen Star’s Boudoir or one fitting of a make-up blogger. After looking high and low I had found it, it was what I needed to live my dream! It was $1,275 a roll. I didn’t even bring it to HOM as I feel the laughter would deafen me.

You can only imagine my shock to see MOR COSMETICS CHINOISERIE SOAP COLLECTION was my dream wallpaper. All of it! I could paper with their Cherry Blossom, Jasmine Tea or Peony Flower Collection and DIE VERY HAPPY!

You have to understand, this is the most gorgeous soap any of us at Megs Makeup have ever seen! The chinoiserie soap box is the most divine box I have ever been handed (I’ve been handed a few so take notice). So gorgeous, and the soap within is the most decadent design, a tone on tone etched scene of a lovely cherry tree and a gorgeous chinos beauty bird, Simply stunning and breathtaking presentation. Really, ladies it’s a true “OOOOH”

If I had to meet a future-mother-in-law or win a lady of distinctive taste over I’d bring these soaps and be comforted in the fact I was ultra-glam!

Here is my problem. I am not worthy. I can’t wet this soap. I can’t review it because it is too beautiful to use. I said this to Rachel Robbins and she got mad at me “What are you? Some old lady? Use the soap, you should spoil yourself

I watched an Oprah this past week and she said the same thing. Why do we hold on to the bubble bath the gorgeous soap the bath elixir’s? USE THEM

As women we have a problem ( I know I do) about splurging on ourselves. We save the gorgeous soap as gift to someone else. Use it for yourself. Even though it is unlike me to use such a piece of art I will tomorrow in a bath so expect my post around noon.

On top of the Chinoiserie coincidence, anyone that knows me knows my favorite flower is the Peony (pillow talk peony makes me cry and I swear I am going to learn to grow them) but any Peony makes my heart sing. I can’t explain the joy I feel when presented with a bouquet of them. Imagine how swept off my feet I was with a Peony Flower Chinoiserie Soap

I love feeling grand enough to own such a soap in my arsenal here’s what MOR says about my Peony Soap This triple-milled soap bar embossed with delicate birds and blossom is blended with Shea Butter to moisturize and protect skin. Plant extracts of Peony, Cherry and Jasmine add botanical richness to an ultra creamy blend that will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed”.

b> Ladies, please indulge yourself and let us know which gorgeous piece of art you were able to bathe in, Lucky ladies! Seriously, get this as a gift for someone it is so beyond!


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