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moonsharvestA Spring Chic-y Goddess Granny here: OMG…can I tell you that I’m actually nervous about writing my review this week???
This site is SO freakin’ classy and sassy now that even this ol’ houndog will have to glam-up her act to follow suit! What was “wonderful” is now simple “the BEST” and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it as well as being thrilled for Meg who only continues to give us all more reasons to love her! Who could ever hate on a woman who only makes the best in all of us even better in so many ways?
In that spirit of “sharing”, I’m gonna’ introduce y’all to one of my private stash companies this week: a Mom and daughter team from Texas who are truly making their mark in the handcrafted bath and body market with their original and over-the top marvelous bath and body treats!
Baths and all things that you can buy for the tub and after are my addiction and therapy! NOTHING delights me more than a tub full of hot water waiting to be “decorated” by something scented and delightful,some good wine,and a bit of time to kill…my idea of heaven/nirvana,any day or time!
I discovered them through ETSY (a truly wonderful resource for all things handcrafted) and now they have their own colorful site as well! They use only the finest botanicals,natural butters,oils,and herbs in their creations and honestly,I am a total bath-junkie and have yet to find products that rival theirs for color, scent and for the way they make you feel during and after a hot soak! People are raving about “Moons” and with good reason: they offer products that are not only designed to function perfectly as botanical bath yummies but they have a sense of style and humor that can’t be beat as well!

When I tell you the “Bath Cupcakes” are worth it just for the packaging,originality, and the way they delight when you open them,there is NOTHING priced over $10.00 that is such a crowd-pleasing perfect little gift for any/ no reason and that the “Bling Bath Desserts” are SO incredible because they are a bath bomb,glistening bubble bar,and that they also have Mango,Shea,and Cocoa Butter in them,it’s hard to believe that you can get like 4 baths from one $6.25 bar but you DO and they are movie-star baths of perfection,trust me!
“Bath Marshmallows?” Yep…soft and sweet and boy will they fill that tub with creamy confectionary bubbles! They even create “Baby Grands”: 10 oz. softball sized bathbombs with cocoa butter! Doesn’t get better than that to me…they have “Bath Teas” and “Bath Butter” as well as seasonals and specials too.Bath “Bombs” in scents like “Cilantro and Lime” and “Mango and Sage…” I get hungry just reading the names!
I’m raving here because although I haven’t even met them,the “Moons” are everything that a small business succeeding in an extremely difficult and competitive business climate should be because they CARE about their customers and always include samples and thanks in their orders.To offer a “Satisfaction or your money back!” guarantee also says a LOT about how they operate: the old fashioned way that works!!! No complicated return policies,no double-talk,false promises or hidden agendas(I for one have had my fill of all that lately!):they just want you to like what they do and offer great value for exceptional products!
Small-batches insure freshness and their attention to detail is just amazing.
I’m filling my loved ones baskets with their treats this year and in honor of the season, I’ll pass on their current Special to you as well: Use coupon code
bunny  (case sensitive,no quotes) to receive a whopping 15% off your order of $50.00 or more and get a free gift with purchase as well!

You can a HUGE basket for with that! Offer expires April 15, 2009.Sign up for their mailing list and you’ll also receive updates and specials.
Buy  “Moons Harvest”  here! I think they’d be in awe to know you read about them on “Megs!”:

Any other ladies love Moons Harvest? Its a must have treat!

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