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BODY BUTTERSweetassgal loves herself a good bath.  In fact, I do believe I have elevated the bath ritual to an art form.  Much to Sweetassguy’s chagrin because our bathroom currently looks like a specialty bath shop exploded and rained down body scrubs, bath oils and body washes all over the place.  Not an exaggeration…I have so many bath products that I have to put up shelving above the tub to house them all.  Otherwise you can’t step one tootsie in the tub without knocking over about 20 jars and tubes off the edge and into my freshly bath bombed water!  When there is SO much glorious softening goodness out there to try who can stop at just one scent or application method?  Really now…can ya’ blame a girl for simply wanting it all?  In fact I believe that just may be the unspoken Meg’s mantra because YES…we DO want it all and we deserve it!

Having such a vast inventory of bath loveliness at my disposal you would think that there really isn’t much out there new for a Green Chi reviewer to try.  Happily, you would be wrong!  Moon’s Harvest (previously featured here on Megs by Stylemama with their scrumptious and adorable cupcake bath bomb…almost TOO cute to melt!) has given a new treat for the world to try…the Whipped Bath Butter Cleanser.  This generous tub of whipped pleasure is just a blast to use.  I know this sounds silly but the texture is just so fun to dig in to.  It has a light and airy quality to it that is reminiscent of that kid’s goop toy that you just want to squeeze through your fingers!  It was such a new and fun experience that I was tempted to go back again for seconds just to feel the whip in my fingers.  I was like a kid again…but this time I resisted the temptation to paint the colorful whip on the walls around the tub, make my hair into a shampoo Mohawk and let a few “toots” rip just to see the bubbles come up under the water!  COME ON…you know you did that as a kid too!   
All “tooting” aside (hehe) I enjoyed my tub of Moon’s Harvest Whipped Bath Butter and the soft little bath pouf that came along with it immensely.  The scent is as light and airy as the whip itself and doesn’t compete with anything I would have already put into my bath water.  My skin is cleansed and moisturized and feels just lovely afterwards.  This is helped by and large by Coconut, Palm and Sweet Almond Oil ingredients and a very simple recipe that adds up to BIG bath fun in a safe and reusable container!  At just $7.50 a tub and available in OVER 140 scents (you read me right…ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SCENTS!) I defy you not to give it a try.  Scents like Vairy Fairy, Snickerdoodle, Our Secret Crush (my scent I tried) and Mojito Mojito just beckon you to slather them on and watch them work.  Directions say to dollop just a nickel size amount onto a washcloth, sponge or pouf and let it lather but I really felt the need to go back for seconds to get the full cleansing experience.  At $7.50 a tub I’m up for seconds, thirds and fourths!

Bring on the good ole’ days of kid-dom and of new bath experiences that are simply FUN, FUN, FUN!  Sweetassgal and Little Rubber Ducky signing out…GLAM ON! Kiss


Who else has has their bathing beauty rituals?

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