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cupcakeStylemama here! “Reveal the skin Mother Nature intended you to have.”  Exactly.  That’s what we really want and Moon’s Harvest Bath & Body Shop is determined we get it.   I love that, I really do.

If I could give every single one of our beloved Megheads a little love it would be a Moon’s Harvest Sweetheart Cupcake.   This is the most adorable yet totally sophisticated bubbling bath bomb I’ve ever had the privilege of using.  This life size cupcake is made up of both a Bath Bomb and a Bubble Bar.

I was very impressed with the design, the quality, and the attention to detail of this product.   Imagine old school quality coupled with modern creativity and flair.  But, before I delve into all of the details, I must brag about the unique aesthetics.  The box alone arrives beautifully gift wrapped, complete with ribbons, hearts and pretty pink tissue paper.  

As I opened my little box of pretty, one look brought an immediate smile to my face.   It looks exactly like those fancy cupcakes you purchase at your favorite bakery.  It states right on the box, “looks good enough to eat, but don’t!”  Pretty and a sense of humor, two of my favorite things and I haven’t even had my bath yet.

As I drew my bath I contemplated all the women I could gift this to.  The card would read, “Spontaneous smiling to ensue followed by the sweetest bath you’ve ever had, ENJOY!”  

After all of my imaginary gifts were passed about, I tossed my cupcake into the running water.  I’m sure some of you would go for the option of separating your cupcake, allowing for two separate bathing experiences.  Using the icing for bubble bath one time, while saving your bath bomb for a different occasion.  A lovely option, yes,  but I was intent on experiencing all the decadence my cupcake could offer.  My decision was rewarded.  The bomb immediately fizzed, infusing the entire tub with the prettiest shade of champagne pink you’ve ever seen in bath water.  It was so alluring my husband insisted on pulling up a chair. Kiss

Next, the bubbles began to fill.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it was like watching a very girly science experiment.  AND, the bubbles remained full and frothy for the entire bath.  I can’t stand when your bubbles disappear as soon as you enter the scene.

This cupcake is not just girly fun and games though, it’s also full of serious ingredients.  Some of the oils used are Jojoba, Flax Seed, Sweet Almond, Safflower, Rice Bran, and Shea Oils.  However, I didn’t need to read the ingredient list to recognize quality, the skin doesn’t lie.  My skin was so soft and so well hydrated I didn’t need or want to apply moisturizer.   The Champagne & Rose Scent had equally impressive staying power.  It’s been hours since my tub of fun and I’m still enjoying the benefits.  Somehow, the scent matched the experience,  I keep wanting to go back for more.

Behind all of these hand made products is a company that I feel good about.  You can’t help but admire their approach to unconditional customer satisfaction.   As my knowledge of this indie beauty brand grew so did my respect and admiration.  Their sincerity and utter dedication to their craft and the customer literally jumps off the site and smacks you square in the heart.  

Knowing my family and I can indulge in their products without worrying about harsh chemicals or preservatives has become a whole new level of luxury that I’ve come to really appreciate and embrace.

I’m still smiling about my Sweetheart Cupcake!  What are you using to put a smile in your bath?  Cupcake anyone?

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