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Sweetassgal here, to bring you the best natural and organic products our Mother Earth has to offer us by the way of Green Chi Tuesdays!

I don’t ever want anyone to say I’m not a devoted Green Chi reviewer…because I subjected myself to every woman’s worst beauty nightmare this weekend all in the name of an honest review. Yes ladies…I waxed my own legs!!!! (insert wince and groaning sound here because I know you’re thinking it!).

Let me begin with the fact that I have very coarse and stubborn leg hair. I’ve inherited the kind of leg hair that would allow my ancestors to trap small game by ensnaring them with their barbed follicles high in the hills of the Appalachians. As a result of this genetic anomaly I’ve been forced for years to shave…A LOT. I can shave in the morning and be porcupine prickly by that evening. If I let it go a few days (or in the case of my post college 7 year relationship breakup…a few weeks) then I bypass porcupine and head straight to Sasquatch. This makes for a compelling argument in favor of ditching the razor, biting the bullet, and waxing my legs at home.

And wax I did…or in this case I Moom’d. The Moom Organic Natural Hair Removal Kit comes complete with large reusable strips for your legs, smaller strips for face, armpits, and bikini line, applicator sticks, and a jar of all natural and organic sugar, chamomile, lemon, water and tea tree oil as the main protagonist in our little hair removal adventure. This isn’t a true wax…it’s a combination of sugar and ingredients that just slightly mimics the consistency of honey. And it worked without the constant reheating needed for wax products and the fear of burn and hardened wax. Read the easy to use directions but adhere to my few additional simple suggestions to help you through the rough times…and there will be moments that will test you. I guarantee it!

#1 Prep it up – First off…take two Advil prior to Moom’ing and drink with a large glass of water. This will help with some of the pain and also keep any swelling down that may occur (use your personal discretion if you should not be using Ibuprofen) and the water will help hydrate your skin. Take a warm (not hot) bath to open up your pores, soften the hair, and aid in removal. While in the tub use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead cells from clogged pores leaving you with a fresh surface for removal. When heating the jar put it in the microwave for 10 seconds ONLY. Take it out and stir and put back in for another 5 seconds. NO MORE or you will burn yourself.

#2 Suck it up – You can get through this because I did and my hair is not easy to remove. The first one was a bit of a shock, but it got easier as I went on. You can use the same strip several times, just switch to a new one when the clean side starts to feel saturated. Sometimes when you pull the strip back you’ll miss a few here and there. Resist the urge to re-apply and simply put the strip you just used back on the section with the stray hairs, rub vigorously and pull. You won’t waste product and it will get them the second time. I also recommend using the facial strips for areas like your knees and around the ankles. These areas are hard to get to and the small strips are perfect.

#3 Follow it up – I’m here to tell you that you will NOT get every hair the first time around. Hair grows in stages and though to the naked eye it looks like I’m freshly shaven, when I rub my leg I can feel fine hairs that are barely detectable but still there. You may have to follow up in a few spots. Keep in mind that the first time is supposed to be the worst as hair will come in softer and the bulb of the hair will get easier to remove, weakening with each use. I’m banking on this because right now mine were harder to remove than Cloris Leachman from DWTS (God love ya Cloris). I also have to admit that I have a bruise the size of a quarter on the one section of my calf that hurt so bad I saw stars. Most of them really were not that bad…but one or two reminded me that I truly am ripping the hair out by the root. Saturday afternoon fun everyone!!!

This is not for that faint of heart but I’m telling you if you can stick it out it will be worth it. I’m looking forward to weeks of hair free legs and no razor burn stubble. It’s far easier to use than most wax kits I’ve tried and won’t grab your skin like epilators have been known to do. I even took a little pleasure in getting passed the pain and taking it like a WOMAN! That’s empowering. Enough so that my daughter helped with the hard to reach backs of my legs and my husband, son and two dogs sat nearby watching with strange fascination at the lengths a woman will go to for soft legs and an HONEST review!

Share your hair removal stories with us and GLAM ON megsmakeup gals!

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