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hairremovalBabyLove here!  I did a stint in esthetician school about 8 years back.  I really enjoyed popping my own zits, but when it came down to doing it to other people, I couldn’t handle it.  What I did learn, and learned pretty well-was how to wax.  I’ll brag a little bit, and say that I was probably the best waxer in the class. Since then, I’ve never gone to a salon to have my brows or nether regions cared for.  I usually buy some good old Sally Hansen and slap it on.

I was extremely intrigued when I read about Moom, an all organic and natural wax made from sugar, water, chamomile, lavender, tea tree oil, and lemon juice.  It’s the only all organic and natural wax on the market, and it’s so safe that you could eat it (I’m not sure why you would want to though).

I was super excited to receive my package since my mustache was staring to look like my husbands.  To be extremely honest, the second I touched this wax, I doubted it would work.  I heated it up, and stuck my finger in it to test the temperature.  When I removed my finger, instead of dealing with a sticky mess, I was able to wash it off immediately, and I had a good chuckle.

When I had a few moments to spare, I brought my wax into the privacy of my bathroom where I decided to clean some areas that I hadn’t been tending to.  I shouldn’t have doubted this wax because when I pulled those strips off I was shocked.   Me and Moom worked together in the bathroom for a little bit, and the results were amazing.  I waxed my brows, my chin, my privates, and if I had more available hair I would have waxed that too.   I wasn’t in as much pain as I usually find myself in when I’m ripping out my pubic hair.  I did not bleed or bruise, and was far less swollen than usual.  I ALWAYS get a little bit of a rash on my upper lip after waxing, but again, there was nothing.  Still, the most fascinating part of this wax, was the fact that I could easily wash it right off in the shower.  The other thing that I love so much about this wax and its easy removal, is that I washed the strip cloths off with a little soap and water and will be able to use them again. The site claims they will last for years!  Moom offers a 12 ounce refill jar, so you can avoid paying extra for the tools you already have once you’ve run out of the wax.

I’m pleased to say that I was proven wrong by Moom, and you can ask my husband-I’m only wrong like once every 5 years.  So with Moom, not only have I found a nice, safe product for the most sensitive areas of my face and body, but I’ve also filled my quota for being proven wrong until I’m 34.  It was a win-win for me, and it will definitely be a BIG WIN for you if you’re a do it yourself kind of girl like me!
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Any other fans of DIY waxing? Who else loves Moom?

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