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Monyette Paris Cashmere Body Mist!

Monyette Paris Cashmere Body Mist!

Hugs and kisses to the sexy PR reps for Monyette Paris that sent us their Cashmere Body Mist! Monyette claims…The skin feels as soft as cashmere and glows with the look of smooth, sexy, pampered skin and is lightly scented with Monyette Paris. Never greasy or sticky, use daily for baby soft skin.

Notes: Tahitian gardenia, French muguet du bois and hints of island vanilla orchid.

I have a confession to make. Please do not judge me. I own bottles of Fracas, Creed & Chanel. Those are mostly used. I also own Yves St. Laurent, Anna Sui, Burberry, Bvlgari, JOY, Annik Goutal and about 25 other bottles. My powder room looks like a laboratory.

There is easily 30 bottles of perfume in there. All at least $40 a bottle. Some of them $100 a bottle. If you really want to get into it , there are at least 3 in there at $150.00..Ouch. Lately, I’ve been using Victoria’s Secret Enchanted Apple lotion and misting spray (a whopping $16.00 bucks for the two). Why? Well, it has a really light misting spray that comes with the lotion that I like for summer. It just smells fresh, not floral, oriental or musky. Light as air and with a faint, delicious smell. Leaves my legs soft and I know the mist is the secret agent!

I was very happy to add another mist to my arsenal. In Los Angeles, we are having a terrible heat wave. My skin is especially dry. I definitely need a mist, a cashmere mist sounds very enticing! As does Cashmere anything (TSE if you’re reading this, please send me your new tunic dress)!!!
Ladies please post if Cashmere Mist is worth shelling a few more bucks out for or if I should just stay with my cheapie Apple Mist ?

F.Y.I.-Ladies we were only able to get the sample size bottle. The actual bottle is much, much larger 🙂

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Monette Paris Cashmere Body Mist

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