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Sing along with Desertdoll everyone! It’s the most fabulous day of the week…

10 days till Christmas. Are you ready? I am. Don’t hate me because I’m ready. But I’ve pretty much been ready since November. You see, I am a world-class shopper. If there were a shopping Olympics, I’d win a medal, maybe even the gold. I’ve been buying Christmas presents all year long. It’s kinda brilliant, if I must say so myself. Because rather than dropping a load of cash all in one month, I’ve spread it out over the year. Plus the deals, oh the deals I have got! I’m that annoying person who buys their Xmas cards in January for 75% off. Ok, you can hate me a little…

I’ve never understood the people who wait till the last minute to shop. Running around in a frenzy, picking up whatever is pre-boxed near the register, like itchy slippers or perfume/lotion combos. And though I know there are a lot of woman who do this, let’s face it-it’s mostly men. Just this week as I put Big Hub’s 5 boxes under the tree he said “5?! That’s a lot.” And I could virtually see the wheels in his mind spinning as he thought “Do they sell anything at Wal-Mart that I can buy her”?

But I’m here to save the day. I’ve got a surefire winner of a gift for a fabulous woman in your life, Miller Harris perfume (ladies, pass this on to Boyfriends/Husbands or if it’s you who’s late-get it for a friend).

Lyn Harris, founder of the line, is one of the few classically trained noses in London (thanks to studying French perfumery in Paris). With over 14 years experience, Miller Harris was founded in 2000, but to me, has the elegance and scent of a line that is a classic. Rich, gorgeous combinations unlike any other I’ve smelled. Just 2 examples are Noix de Tuberose, which blends tuberose with mimosa, wild green clover and a little violet. And Fleur Oriental, fresh orange flower, spicy carnation, Turkish Rose, musk, amber and vanilla. She’s on a constant search for new materials, sourcing the best from around the world: iris from Florence, violet leaf from France, jasmine from Egypt, orange flower from Tunisia and sandalwood from the Pacific. It is luxurious and creative pairing such as these, developed through her passion and dedication, that set this line apart.

I received one of their new scents, Geranium Bourbon. I knew from the packaging alone that I was in for something special, a graphically stunning red and black box with the red carried over to the signature botanical overlay on their bottle (as you can see in the photo). But it was the first sniff that sent me head over heels. Here’s what they say about the scent “A high impact scent, wearing it you will find you are complimented on it constantly. Men love it. It is a magical scent that develops and changes on the skin, a very complex blend while being totally uncomplicated to wear. Deep and rosy, a blend of cassis berries, lemon geranium and Turkish Rose – the scents of an English garden after the rain. Young and sophisticated it is a difficult fragrance to give up once you start wearing it.” This also comes in a lower cost, but equally beautiful, fragrance balm as well.

Whether you buy this at Saks Fifth Avenue (the only location it is sold in the states and unfortunately, this scent is not available there) or order direct from London (wrap up this post as an IOU of things to come), you are guaranteed to impress the recipient. About as far from an itchy pair of slippers as you can get. And if the lucky recipient is you, let me tell you-you are going to fall in love.

Miller Harris-Buy it Here!

Geranium Bourbon – Only available from the London Boutique!

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