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MICHAELTODDWishing y’all the best and happiest Fourth of July ever! Goddess Granny is celebrating in rainy South Texas but wherever you are I hope you have a fun-filled day, even if you’re outside the USA because we really don’t need a reason to pop a few corks and polish off some snacks (healthy of course?) here at Meg’s because anytime is a great day to celebrate feeling good and looking great!

For us here in the US, the 4th usually means that the official Summer-party season is ON and that anything normally only worn, eaten, or done in mass-quantities of steamy indulgence is allowed for a few short weeks so break out the bikinis and enjoy like you did when you were a kid!

It can be a bit more challenging to keep one’s face and self cool and collected when the temps soar but we’ve already chatted about some ways to be your prettiest when you’re hot (and not in the good way…) by lightening up on your makeup and giving your hair a break from all the heat-styling and products and how to use self-tanners to fake your glow safely. I’ve also “noticed” that it can be a time to re-evaluate what you choose to smell like as well: the sexy-scents that might be memorable the rest of the year sometimes end up smelling like fruit salad left out in the sun when it’s warmer and anything that is considered “heavy” can really be overwhelming and unpleasant when you’re trying to be fresh and inviting on a truly humid day!

I normally prefer “big” scents with lots of vanilla, gardenia, tuberose, and musk because its basically who I am BUT have learned to truly appreciate a less obvious fragrance when it’s hot outside because it makes me “feel cooler…” Body sprays are great as are the lighter-versions of some popular scents but most have little staying power on me and because I LOVE perfume,I’d rather try and find something that stays true to my seductive-nature AND manages to present it’s self like a refreshing cloud at the same time…tall order,I know.

Enter Michael Todd’s deliciously named “Singuliere” perfume which is intended to convey the scent of a “thing of rare and exclusive beauty…like you!” and in an incredibly sexy way,it does!

We recently chatted about Michael’s considerable beauty-skills and philosophy and connected y’all to his amazing online-only site: again,it’s worth the time to browse because it’s really one of THE best and most varied! I tend to be “picky” about who creates my personal scents because they ARE just that: personal but Michael’s trademark scent for women has my full attention and admiration for several reasons. It’s handcrafted from pure fragrance oils with no additives or water so you’re getting a nice value in terms of “scent per use” to begin with…essences of bergamot, mandarin orange and pineapple merge seamlessly at first to present a rather citrusy-green fragrance BUT I find that it continues to morph and changes into something warmer and more “caramel” and sweet as you wear it…Michael says it “starts out like “Angel…” which I personally wore for 15 years but it has NONE of the heavy sweetness of that beautiful perfume but rather a more indirect and unique way of being “heard…” in the most heavenly way: Singuliere is GORGEOUS and pure female without screaming out loud and is the perfect marriage of that which is light and fresh and the richer notes of a fine-tuned complex perfume. The staying power is amazing and as I mentioned,it has a changing-quality as the notes dry down that’s so enjoyable and original.

I can’t imagine a more fitting or lovely scent for hot days and nights: I wore it yesterday while lunching at a trendy-cool spot in town and a really cute guy told me I “smelled like sunshine…” on the way out the door he held open for me (gotta’ love those Southern boys!) Husband said I “smelled like ice cream” so I’ll take those two tidbits and again proclaim that this just might be the perfect “essence of Summer!” Beautifully bottled with a couple of options I was shocked by how much I love Michael’s creation as I am somewhat of a “purist/scent-snob” and normally prefer complicated perfumes that are hard to find but this delightful scent holds it’s ground beautifully against any of the major players and I love it! I could never understand why anyone would choose to smell like a thousand other women and wear something “mass-bottled” when there are unique scents like “Singuliere” available at a similar cost that can really define who you are and be your calling-card when you enter a room so don’t be afraid to try something unusual and less common now and then because this one in particular is fabulous!

Grab a cold one and experience the fun that is Michael Todd’s online store and if you love to smell GREAT anytime of the year,be sure to check out “Singuliere” because it’s a winner in my book! I am no longer faithful to one perfume anymore but this one has my heart…for now!

Do you also love to smell great all the time and do you change scents with your moods or the weather or are you married forever to a single perfume?

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