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megsmakeupperfumeGoddess Granny here with a special edition of Fragrant Fridays!

To my way of thinking,the sense of smell is probably the one I enjoy the most! Yes,the others have their strong points but when I sit and think about how a moment changes my life,why someone won’t leave my thoughts, or the fact that in my family, food is love, I am constantly reminded how how something or someone smells and it makes me stand up and notice!

I tend to categorize smells too…I know,there’s a bit of freak in me too although it does wear red lipstick…men that are hot, women who are not,rooms that are right, and the electricity of preparation for one of “those” moments in life: I wore “White Shoulders” perfume to my first prom and “Miss Dior” when I married. My grandma smelled of “Arpege” and my Dad of whiskey and sunshine…they are gone now but I have their scent with me always to remember!

I am a perfume/scentaholic of the first degree! I love products,makeup,and all that stuff but if you asked me what I enjoy MOST about being a girl,I’d tell you perfume and high heels without batting a false eyelash!

I wore “Angel” for 15 years:I was in Hong Kong when it launched, that was in the day of the supermodel and glam-hype. There was a BIG fuss made at the Thierry Mugler store. I was given a large crystal bottle of the beautiful blue scent as a gift. It became “me” everyone knew me when I entered a room because of the luscious scent! I love it still but a couple of years ago,my husband actually whined he could “no longer smell it on me” I couldn’t smell it either so I shed my skin yet again and stopped wearing it.I have since then been dabbling in the esoteric, the cult, the funky, the indy, and the unusual scents out there with no earthly intension of ever allowing one scent to define me again. Life is simply too short Kiss

I received a beautiful square-red box in my package from Meg today: it was carefully wrapped in tissue but I just knew it was something amazing by the scent...OMG…even on a cold,dreary-day it smelled of ripe fruits, seductive flowers, and that rare “thing” that happens when you are warm and totally satisfied…catching my breath here!

Beautiful little roll on bottle(which I LOVE!) with a pretty label announcing that it was indeed “Meg’s Makeup” perfume…wow…I literally pulled the truck over to the side of the road (here in the boonies,you open your mail while driving down the dirt roads!) to savor the moment and dabbed a bit on.

My first reaction: I have smelled heaven. I kid you not!

Un-ashamedly female, ripe with current, maybe fig,and other rare and succulent fruits,I also sense pomegranate. The florals of the night and seduction like rare lillies, tuberose and maybe gardenia…literally one of THE most perfectly “man magnet” scents I have ever experienced and I simply couldn’t stop sniffing! You’d only need this and something small of silk to seduce the most relectant of suitors…

As the day has gone on,it’s morphed into an even more lush garden and mellowed out perfectly,growing warmer,deeper,and sexier! I don’t think it has an end in sight in terms of how good it smells,LOL!

This is the scent of sirens,of goddesses,of women with Swiss bank accounts and multiple lovers! A scent that takes no prisoners and holds all captive without exception! I have sampled many perfumes and will tell you without a second thought that this one is amazing and will be with me for a long time to come!

I feel uber-glam with it on…I feel like I’m “Gilda” walking down that staircase…like Scarlett captivating Rhett…like I could do anything I desired just because I smell SO damn good,who could possibly refuse me?

It’s not “unisex” or citrus-y, dry or reserved: It’s passionate and deliberate, it will SHOUT to the world that you are a FABULOUS creature who will NOT go un-noticed and absolutely deserves attention! It will flirt with young and old men and you’ll have long lines of admirers following you down the street,trust me! I am living in this scent the entire Holiday season and decking my own halls in a luscious way! Humbugs beware!

Do NOT Be fooled by the pricing: this is a rich,high-quality,complex and expertly crafted scent…Meg Darlin’ I see you in every nuance of this fragrance and you’ve managed to bottle up what every women wishes she had in terms of glam and allow us all to simple roll it on!

We all get to be as iconic and amazing as you are because this to me personifies the glam, the humor, the confidence,the style,and the love of one helluva’ beautiful girl….YOU!

It’s amazing and I know I’m gushing:GET THIS ASAP! I wish to hell I had sampled it before but I will be gifting it to women I love-believe me, it’s too good not to share!

Buy it here and be prepared to smolder!

Meg’s Makeup


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