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Meg here! Don’t worry I’m going head piece free the next time I tape! The muppet has seen better days!

Here is the video that aired this past Friday on The TV Guide Network with Patti Stanger and I. I hope you like my picks! I had a few more but they unfortunately got cut for time (Hate when that happens!)

I had to do my research on some “sexy” products and these are my top five! Patti added her own top secret so it’s bringing the total to 6 Sexy Items!

1. Demeter Fragrances, you can see this to my right and I love the facts on this, I really couldn’t say this on TV but the scents of pumpkin pie and lavender increase blood flow to an erection by 40% I know, right? Don’t run to the bakery for the pumpkin puree’ or move to the U.K. for lush English gardens! Demeter fragrances have you covered with their extremely practical (and inexpensive) man-eating scents. Pumpkin Pie and Lavender, easy enough to spritz and walk out the door! They have every scent imaginable so check out their site and have fun perusing! $20 Not bad when you’re adding 40%!

2. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss
How could we not add this sexy little number? I am in a committed relationship with my guy “Kirk!”
Lipgloss is always sexy, licking the lips leaves few things to the imagination but what if you could also release phermones! According to an article in Psychology Today, how our body odors are perceived as pleasant and sexy to another person is a highly selective process. Not only do they have a sexy stripping man on the cap BUT when you rub the cap it releases phermones. The gloss? I think it is fabulous and quite a few of you have had the chance to try it out as well- Hopefully a rub on the cap will lead to some real life grabs! $19

3. Catcosmetics Smolder
I love how Patti said “This will give you Kardashian eyes!” I couldn’t have said it better myself! It is so much easier then having a milion shadows floating around in your bag! I gave one to my producer Jenn and then next time I saw her I asked if she had gotten her makeup done for the show! She said “No. I am obsessed with the smolder. I did it on the car on the way over here! So easy!” They say the first thing a man notices about you are the eyes so wink sexy! $224. Rodials Boob Job In A Jar. Try saying that 3x fast!?! I am in total sync with Patti when she says “If this stuff works-there’s going to be a stampede!” Let’s face it (or breast it) Big girls complain they stretch and sag, small girls want to be bigger, big girls want to be firmer, small girls want to save $5,000.I wish I knew about this to give it a try before I went under the knife. My girlfriend is trying this as we speak so I will have a more in-depth report! It takes 56 days to see an increase of cup size and we’re only on day 20 over here. The web is a buzz, women are reporting that they’re seeing firmness and plumpness. One woman said her boobs were always different sizes. She was faithful in her regimen and now they are the same size. It has a bunch of fatty ingredients like volufiline that stimulates adipocytes, the connective tissue that makes and restores fat. Scarlett Johanssen is reportedly never without it and she’s pretty much cornering the market on “cup runneth over” so before you book a boob job maybe you should give this jar a shot. $150.00

5. Sweetspot Labs Instant Sweetification To go wipes!
Long day? No time to shower between a hectic day at the office and your hot dinner date? Just getting off a plane and feel the ole’ famed “Not so fresh?” Forget about just feeling fresh when you can feel amazingly sweet for a mere $5! They are even selling this sensitive wipes for your sensitive spot (I call mine the “delicate flower”) right at Duane Reade. How amazingly convenient is that? I keep a couple in my purse at all times! My “delicate flower” is beyond sensitive and prone to any sort of irritation and I am so good to go with my sweetspot wipes! They are great to give you a boost of confidence and there’s nothing sexier than confidence (why can’t we bottle that?)They come in all sorts of amazing scents but I like to go with basil grapefruit. No, not because grapefruit is low-fat but because studies show when a man smells grapefruit on a woman he thinks she’s 6 years younger! I know! They have an entire line to vixen your va-jay-jay!

Sensa Natural Weight Loss System This was Patti’s pick. I have to say her figure looked great AND she is 50 years old. Her figure looks more then great. She swears buy her Sensa and if you want to try it, if you type in “PATTI” you’ll save 20%. As Patti showed me, you can still eat the foods you like, you’ll just eat less of them. Apparently there is something in the sprinkles that helps you feel full faster.

Tomorrow night, 7:30 I’ll be on the TV Guide Channel doing a segment on “How to get Kim Kardashian’s Look For Less!” If yo think of it, I hope you turn in!

What do you ladies think of our choices? Any of you fans of Millionaire Matchmaker? Have you tired any of these products?

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