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BATHPRODUCTSI am such a girl: I love all things glittery, pink, ethereal and impractical. The highest heels, the reddest lipstick. the biggest diamonds…you mention any stereotypical “girl thing” and Goddess Granny will love it! I really do try and fit myself into the geekette and jockette molds at times but like most of us,I’m also a study in contrasts and make no excuses for it! I believe in ALL the latest and greatest procedures, products, and techniques and take no issue with products that aren’t quite so “green” if they produce fabulous results on my skin and hair but when it comes to my body and baths?

I am a freak for products so wholesome and pure it’s ridiculous.

I stalk and browse and take great joy in tracking down bath and body products that are swoon-worthy by anyone who adores a hot shower or bath and who doesn’t: I literally had an addition put onto our house so that I could indulge in my spa-baths on a nightly basis and the fact that I LOVE to supply my shelves with fabulous products intended to cleanse and soothe is a “bad habit” I take full responsibility for! Scrubs and salts…soaps and bath teas…lotions and creams…I love them all and really enjoy the fact that while incredible companies like “LUSH” have it covered, there are also MANY equally fabulous boutique-brands on Etsy  and elsewhere online as well as beautiful batches of goodies cooking up in small-biz kitchens all over the place! I recently found the most beautiful fruit-based body scrub I’ve ever seen or used at a local Farmer’s Market…who knew?

“A Mano”
translates as “by hand and is the name of a truly gorgeous line of bath products handcrafted in Florida by the Amicarelle family who create absolutely perfect and pure soaps and scrubs using old-fashioned methods and the highest quality natural ingredients. Rich imported olive oils are combined with other organic oils and scents to produce soaps using time-honored techniques that are incredibly good for your skin and smell amazing! Is there anymore more luxurious that a pristine new bar of soap so delicious-smelling that you hate to use it for fear it will run out? Everything is made in small batches and by hand and in our mass-comsumptive and faster than sound paced world,this is really the “essence” of what luxury products are to me: products that are the result of planning, love, pride,and skill! I have seen how fine soaps are made and it’s a lot like the art of winemaking or any other process that relies heavily on minute details and recipes and of course, on the “hands” that do the actual work. The Amicatelle family truly has perfected the “art of soapmaking!”

I’m currently in lust with a rather unique A Mano soap called “Tea Tree Mint” and as someone who prefers floral-scents,it’s really sucked me it! It has a fresh and lovely “grassy/citrusy scent” but add a touch of fresh mint into the mix and you have the PERFECT post workout, hot day of shopping,hard day at work way to wash yourself happy! A big 5 oz. bar with lots of natural oils and sweet lather,I am literally hiding it from Mike because I KNOW it would be gone in like 3 days! They have a nice selection of scents and all sound just great. There are also sugar scrubs and bath accessories and you can also get some REALLY nice gift baskets at excellent prices. I can’t think of anyone male or female who wouldn’t be delighted to receive such a gift…

Clean, straightforward site where you can browse the products and I think you’ll agree that A Mano truly defines all that is “pure and good” in their products and business practices as well as creating goods that manage to be chic and luxurious without any frills because they are simply that good. Kiss

Devotion to quality and the production of products that are actually better for your skin and the environment as well because the Amicarelle family also practices recycling and supports sustainable agriculture. The results of this are some of “the best”on the market” bath and body products in my humble opinion.

For me, “true luxury” is that which is not mass-marketed but rather produced “A Mano” with love and skill and attention to details that make all the difference!

Lemongrass Sage soap is calling my name: do you also love using bath and body products that are handcrafted, smell amazing, and work better/are better for your skin than many mass-produced ones?

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