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mannypacquiaoMeg here! Today we are going to be talking about boxing. Well, competition just in general. You all know the love affair I have with my bestie roomies? They put up with my daily insanity and the insanity that is my love life. I don’t work in an office and I’m not really about to go pick up men in bars. I am at home writing and then in my evening’s I am covering Red Carpet events. There is no time to talk up the cute guy in business development when you are the head of business development. There is also no time to talk up the cute VP, Pres. or Merger’s guy. Guess what? I’m all those positions as well. The “hottie” in the office is my 65-year-old mailman that stops by once a day.

How do I find men to date? Well, much to the chagrin and amusement of my roomies I find them off television or out of magazine interviews. Is this stalkerish? I’m sure. But if you’re off selling it and I’m watching it then I’m sort of the consumer so yes, if I like what I see there’s a good chance we’re having dinner. There are two types of people at a dinner. The quick and the hungry.  I’m not hungry much. I also live in a town where the people on make-believe are schlubbing it in their sweats at my deli or one phone call away from a mutual friend. That’s what 15 years in Hollywood provides…TV order dates.

I had picked the last few dates off of TV and then I had a disaster of a romance with another also in the entertainment biz when my friend Jo offered up this advice, “I don’t know. I think these entertainment guys just are not working out for you. I think we need to completely change type. Black rapper? NFL Player? Fireman? Carnival barker?” She had a point. I did always seems to be with those damn creatives. She continued “You should try someone completely different. We all know the definition of “insanity.” (This is where I picture the definition of “insanity” and see my smiling face as the photo that describes the word.)

Fine. Different. No worries, I could do this. But first I needed to get in the shower for my date with the hot director (Damn! Did it again!)

Back and focused. The date was fine but I could see where it was going. It was going down this street I’d been down before. The crossroads of “Nowhere” and “Too Much Trouble.” My GPS has this direction on auto-pilot.

I was with my roomie when I told her my new game plan. Then it happened. Just like that. There was an email inviting me to the launch of a man named Manny Pacquiao’s fragrance event.  
Meg  Oh great. I just got invited to a man named Manny Pacquaio’s fragrance event. He’s some sort of boxer or something. I’m going to date him. He’s different.

Kristen: Are you out of your mind? He’s not some sort of boxer. He’s a huge, big celebrity. Like world known. Huge Megan, huge.

Meg: Um. I read US Weekly like every week and I have never heard of him and he’s not that huge. He looks about 5’6.

Kristen: You’re crazy. He’s one of the most famous athletes in the world. You’re not dating him. You’re never getting him over here. He has like 80 bodyguards. It’s never going to happen! They wont let you near him!

I hate to be challenged. I hate to be doubted. I am used to being underestimated so I just shoot Kristen a “Really?” eyebrow raise. I’m nothing if not determined.

Kristen: If you get Manny Pacquiao in this living room I will shave my head!

Meg:That does nothing for me. If I get Manny Pacquiao in this living room, you will have Pacquiao shave your head so I can put it on YouTube and have the link go back to It will probably go viral and I could use the multi-million hits.

Fine. It’s on.

Was I obviously misguided about who Manny Pacquaio is? Yes. Of course I am. I’m a border-line life moron but I went to the event. I went to the launch of his new fragrance “MP8 Scent of The Champion” at Ron Robinson’s Fred Segal. I went with every other Pacquaio fan that bore Pacquio’s face on their T-Shirt that mobbed the entire parking lot. It was like waiting for a Beatle to arrive. There were ton’s of fans and I realized “Ugh. Kristen maybe right on this one.”

Much like Pacquaio, I’m always up for a good fight and while I was beginning to realize the living room visit was far out of reach…So was Kristen. She had left town for the weekend and I could still hatch some sort of plan.

“Even though it took a year to develop this fragrance from concept to launch, the effort was worth it. It is my hope that hardworking and determined men who wear MP8 will feel confident in their own skin and share that positive attitude with everyone else…diligence breeds confidence.”-
Manny Pacquaio.

“Dilligence breeds confidence?” I hear you all too loud Mr. Manny. Preaching to the choir. I would be dilligent in letting Kristen know I would get near him.

The fragrance has top notes of bergamont and lemon, middle notes of lavender, vetiver, nutmeg and sage. The base notes are sweet musk, vanilla, amber and cedar.

Pacquiao added one more quote that stuck with me “We have a definite direction and the end result is a scent that we are betting men from around the world will embrace.” I bet so too. Now how about these betting women?

Long story long. Manny has quite a fight coming up and wasn’t really taking pictures with people or having face-to-face conversations. If you are going to be ballsy enough to literally push your way into a meeting you first have to use hand sanitizer as a body lotion (fun boxer fact.) NO GERMS BEFORE A BIG FIGHT ALLOWED. I used the hand sanitizer like it was my shower body soap.

He was nice, he was lovely. This is good. He has Eight World Boxing Titles in Eight Different Weight Divisions. If he were an ass it’s not like I could “take him outside.”

My roommate? Kristen? Well, I had to mess with her. I texted her the picture of us together and wrote “Manny wants to know if you want electric or a straight edge razor. He’ll be over tomorrow.”

She texted back “Oh no, OMG. Are you serious?”

I waited 30 minutes before I texted her back “No. I’m kidding. I got you though.”

I put the Manny & Me picture up as my profile picture and if I didn’t know before I get it now. The man is a big time MARRIED Champion. He’s one that excels in everything he does. He has this fabulous fragrance. He’s a Congressman from the Philippines, he’s a philanthropist and he’s pound for pound the best fighter in the world. He can also turn two non-betting roommates into world-class gamblers. Now that’s power. If I can harness that type of influence into a bottle then I am buying it.

May 7th, GO MANNY!

Father’s Day is coming up. I think this would be a great gift. I usually can’t watch violence of any kind. I can’t usually watch boxing but I will be cheering Manny on. Will you be watching? Any Manny fans going to score his fragrance for their guy?

Buy it here!

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