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malibumuskMeg here! Another beauty maven posed the question “What perfume from the drugstore have you ever worn?” I took only about a moment before I had total recall and the commercial “Ooh, ooh, Malibu! Malibu Musk!” started to play in my head. It brought back the aqua spray bottle, the neon yellow and hot pink accents and how Eric Berthiaume made me cry before the 7th grade dance.

I did not grow up in a very exciting place and I was thrilled that I could project the exact same glamour and popularity as the beautiful women playing on the sand as the women in the Malibu Musk commercial. Never mind the women were probably 22 and I was 12. Never mind they were on the exclusive shores of Malibu and I was at the local town reservoir. Never mind! It was as much class and style one could ever hope to achieve and it was $7.99 at CVS.

It wasn’t until 9th grade that brand snobbery had gotten the best of me. I was forking adult prices over for my Burberry’s Society (which would surely impress upon new acquaintance that I had just left lunch with the Queen.) I rotated that bad boy with Christian Lacroix’s “C’est La Vie”( for when I wanted to be mistaken for the Hotel Du Cap crowd.) I had very lofty social climbing skills for a 14 year old. There was no reason to shed tears over Eric Berthiaume when I had just read in People Magazine that Prince Philip was still a bachelor.

These thoughts came back to me and I had a good laugh reading the other beauty writer’s responses. Apparently, I was not alone in my quest to be Malibu Barbie. There were other brands mentioned that I remember seeing on my equally worldly friends vanities. You know, brands like “exclamation!” The tagline? “Make a statement…Without saying a word!” (Still need to work on that one. Never learned that lesson.) How about “electric youth!” I’m not sure why we all needed to smell like Debbie Gibson but Kim Kardashian’s perfume was Sephora’s #1 scent sale last year so…

I still get reminiscent of years gone past when I smell a whiff of Love’s Baby Soft. I started really, really young with that one. The name is quite fitting. I was just barely out of diapers.

These days the perfume vanity is in a constant rotation but here’s what’s been making the cut. Some of them are newbies and some I’ll never leave. I still will sometimes grab for the Burberry Society. I mean, hello? There is a wedding to think about being invited to! Marc Jacob’s Daisy, Creed Spring Flowers, YSL Paris, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey, Robert Piguet’s Fracas. Those are just the ones in the front row.

With that whirlwind selection I’m sure to smell appropriately for any social occasion invite. However, none of them put quite the same smile on my face as my memory of wearing my Malibu Musk. Thankfully, with modern day technology I can go over and watch that cinematic masterpiece of a commercial on YouTube. I can also go to Facebook and put this article in Eric Berthiaume’s inbox. Poke!

How about you? What favorite fragrance throwbacks take you back? Any scored at the drugstore? To be all Joan Rivers I have to ask “Now-Who are you wearing?”

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