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I was at a real loss for inspiration this week. It was suggested to me that I review some of the new Christmas (“Holiday” to be PC) sets. But I can’t do it. I JUST CAN”T DO IT. I am firmly of the mind that Christmas (HOLIDAY) shopping season does not begin November 1. It begins the day after Thanksgiving. The pilgrims deserve some PROPS y’all. I mean they freaking starved for like a whole year in the dead of winter or something. I mean Squanto was all they had. They deserve the anticipation of the first three weeks of November. So I guess that really leaves me back at square one. Just kidding.

I have decided that I really do not give enough love to bath products. And there really are some fabulous-beyond-fabulous bath products for sale at Sephora.

First off, there’s Bliss. I LOVE bliss! I love the Lemon Sage body scrub and body butter – that clean fresh smell. I’m not so much for the Vanilla Bergamot but I know some people really love it. The Plum Plum is divine as well. Plus they have the monster cellultie scrubber soaps. And there’s usually some completely fabulous sets for the holidays.

Fresh also makes incredibly luxe looking, feeling, and smelling. They packaging is gorgeous. They make great gifts — you know, for birthdays, St. Patrick’s day and other Postal Service holidays. Their soaps are wrapped in these beautiful wall paper looking papers with a gem stone wrapped with wire. The body washes and matching lotions are just like velvet. There are also bath cubes which are definitely a different twist on the old “shower gel” routine.

Philosophy, I guess, is the obvious choice. I love the Tangerine and the Lemonade single note gels. And Senorita Margarita with the salt scrub is my absolute all time favorite. You can smell the tequila in it!!! Amazing. And I have to say that the Amazing grace as a scent has really grown on me. There’s always great sets…in DECEMBER.

Also, for a great every day stable the Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter line also has body wash and body creams its scent is beyond divine. (If you’re a fan of the Shea butter line for hair anyhow…I am!)

Other great staples: Caudalie shower gels and scrubs, Korres shower gels and lotions, and all the great scents of PTR Botanical Buffing beads!

Oh and P.S. Le Petit Marseillais are sold in drug stores in France and not really at Sephora but check them out because they’re cheap and fabulous. Google it!


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