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WICCYMegken here! Meg came to visit after a trip from the mall with something that looked like an alien bar of soap.   She said, “look at this cool
  I said, “really cool, it’s not soap though, it’s a massage
  I saw them in the store once. The lady explained that it melts
with the heat from your body to make an oil that you then use to massage.  It kinda reminds me of chocolate melting in your hands. Although, I never tried using chocolate as massage oil.  But I think
that would be fun. Now thinking about it, it would make the sheets look like a horrible scene took place and may even scare the maid. I guess I’ll veto the chocolate massage.  The bar I received, Wiccy-Magic-Muscles smelled really good, I put it next to the bed and it’s kinda working as a potpourri.   

The thing looks a little weird, there are aduki beans in the mix which are supposed to add to the massaging feeling but to me they look like alien eggs. For a little factoid, it’s the bean that in Asian food is known as “red bean paste” it’s typically sweetened and eaten on flavored shaved ice or turned into deserts…Very yummy.  

I was not going to write a review on this product because I didn’t think much of it.  However, last Tuesday, I had the worse headache, ever!  It was throbbing… I took Advil, nothing.  I took a shower, nothing. I tried raising my feet, nothing.  I tried and ice pack, nothing. Then I looked over and the little Alien-embryo-nest-bar, hesitantly, smelled it.  Then I took the bar and rubbed on my shoulders and the back of my neck and temples. 

The Magic started, Cinnamon started to warm things up, peppermint
stimulated my blood flow and the aroma went in through my nostrils and
worked on my headache… Within less than 5 minute the throbbing pain in my skull was reduced by 75%. 

I have no idea if this will work on everyone, or what “type” of headache I had, but this Bar designed for soar muscles helped be out-big time.  The minty tingle got my blood flowing. I didn’t feel like I could do a Triathlon but I felt like I could get the stuff done that I needed to do.  It’s $8.75 about the same price of a bottle Tylenol.  I am sure it’s better for you than putting the chemicals in your body. If I get a headache again I will go for the Bar, not to the Bar. I will rub that Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles
bar over my shoulders and neck before I start swallowing pills.   

This makes me ask the question… besides the place in the thumb joint
to squeeze when one has headaches…. What natural remedies do you
have for Headaches? Does chocolate work for anyone?

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