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Vexy your Friday Fragrance Fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells! And do I have a neato one for you ladies today!

I will be the first to admit- I have big thighs. like, monster thighs. The thighs that ate Tokyo in one fell swoop. So wearing dresses and skirts is always kind of a self-conscious area for me, not only because of my thigh-zillas, but because the rubbing together of my legs causes maaaajor chafing. It’s itchy, painful, and I can’t stand it. Not only do my thighs chafe, but so do my arms if I’m wearing sleeveless shirts, and the underside of my hoo-has, if you know what I mean.

I’d avoided using baby powder because, honestly, I hate the smell of talc. It’s too sweet and powdery and it reminds me of bad experiences when babysitting my nieces and nephews (I dislike diapers, too). I’ve gotten it up my nose too many times to even consider putting it anywhere on my body. In short, I abhor talcum powder.

So here I was, sad and lonely, thinking I was doomed to wearing shorts under my skirts forever, or to not wearing girly things and living forever in pants. I’ve come to deal with the chafing under my ya-yas with a bit of deodorant, but even that’s been wearing out a bit with my dry winter skin. I actually had to take a day off from my bras! I was talking to one of my co-workers about these woes (since we’re all pretty open about stuff) and she suggested one of the dusting powders.

I thanked her for her recommendation and then promptly tossed it out the window, thinking that any sort of “dusting powder” would be stinky and talc-like. The next week, we had a meeting in which we played a game. My team won, and we each got to pull one item out of a bag. Lucky for me, I got Silky Underwear Dusting Powder.

It sat on my shelf for a few days, staring at my woefully, but I did not want an icky talcum smell to interfere with my beloved perfume. But finally, I gave in, and was pleasantly surprised.

Rather than an icky, powdery smell, it smelled like jasmine- which you all have probably read is one of my favorite scents, with a bit of an undertone of vetivert. It was light and fresh and perfect for reminding me of spring days during the approaching winter months. I even wore a skirt to work the next day, and sure enough, Silky Underwear had done it’s job.

To compliment the fresh scent I had in my no-no bits (thighs, pits, and under the melons), I even picked up the solid perfume in this scent. It’s an amazing light jasmine scent with a hint of green- it smells like springtime. It’s just the thing to warm me up with thoughts of spring and summer!

What about you ladies? Ever tried a “dusting powder”? Does it keep you lightly fragranced and, ahem, fancy free?


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