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lushbabyBabyLove here!  I know the reviewers who received this next product are really dying to post about it.  The Bath Bombs that Lush so kindly sent to us have been a big hit, and I have noticed on a number of occasions that you loyal megheads are already a big fan of their products.

For those of you who don’t know about Lush, let me fill you in on a few key points.  Lush makes all of their products from fresh fruits and plants.  They use little to no preservatives in their packaging, and their products are made by hand, using only vegetarian products.  Aside from all of their products being safe, and AWESOME!!, the very neat thing about Lush is that they really do carry something for everyone.  Their site is so broad, you are sure to find something you, your husband/boyfriend, and kids will fall in love with.  Another plus, Lush donates 100%, minus the taxes, of their sales from their Charity Pot hand and body lotion to various charities.  LUSH GIVES BACK, and we love that!

Now onto their Ickle Baby Blue bath bombs!  Imagine a much cooler version of an alka-seltzer tablet that you don’t have to drink.  These bath bombs smelled like a touch of lavender and baby powder.  They turned the tub a very light blue color, which  my 3 year old thought was the best.  As I have said before, my kids have super sensitive skin, and these didn’t cause a flare up of their eczema.  In fact, it left them feeling super soft, and the smell really kept on giving. Every time one of them would run by, I’d get a nice little reminder of tub time!  I know a few girls have been making weekly trips to Sephora to pick some of these up, we love them!  Lush carries a bunch of different bath bombs, not just for little ones, and with difference scents.

This is definitely a thumbs up, and if you can pick some up in the next week, a great stocking stuffer! 

Please post about these if you have used them in the past, and please include details of your own favorite Lush product so we can learn more this line.

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