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Meg here and I have HELL week ahead of me. How’s that for an opening? Some people are always “working for the weekend.” I love those people. I fall under the category of “still working…AND it’s the weekend.” Full steam ahead! Ha! As if, I’ve been on half empty but my schedule doesn’t seem to care. I’ve built up this terrible habit, much worse than any drug, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s society’s new killer, this crazy thing called “lifestyle.” I’m a lot of things, never been accused of being short on style.


“I’ll get enough sleep when I’m dead.” That’s such an endearing quote. How did that come out of someone’s mouth and the recipient of such wisdom did not take that as a suicide warning is something I’ll never know… Except I do, they probably heard it, faked a polite laugh…And then had to get on a conference call. “Make sure Sally doesn’t hang herself,” went on the checklist, unfortunately, it was during monthly budget meetings. I really miss Sally. However, my numbers checked out, my boss is happy and I’m still employed so I sent the most beautiful sympathy arrangement.

No! I don’t know Sally. I don’t have time for new friends. What do you think? I just socialize all day.

I’ve been stressed out, a little moody and looking at my calendar. I want to climb into a cave. I can’t, this vodka’s not going to buy itself.

Off to work we go, off to commitments we honor, off to chores we have to do, off to the looney bin. I’ve been so anxious, I’m missing deadlines when I SLEEP. It’s not even a nightmare, it’s just me running over to-do lists while I’m asleep. I envy those that dream of flying. I have dreams where I don’t pay my parking tickets on time.

I’m not going on prozac. I’m bad on any kind of drug. I call myself “side effect girl.” If the package say’s “one out of 4 million people developed a lump on their back,” I’m waking up with a hump and crooked spine. Murphy’s Law or something. Maybe because I’m Irish?

Anyway, I have been doing a little research and I want to hear what, if any supplements you ladies take? I am being sent samples of the number #1 supplement on drugstore shelves, Lumiday Mood Support.

Why would a beauty blogger get pitched a mood support? I mean, either the maker’s of this drug know I’m a basketcase (not out of the realm, it’s not like I project tranquility.) There has to be a “beauty angle.” Well, there is.

What is Lumiday? Honestly, there’s so much about “natural mood benefit enhancements” my ADD kicked in. This is THE BEAUTY SITE. I don’t care about my mood. Guess what affects my mood? Whether or not I’m having a “bad hair day” or if all of a sudden, I’m going to be confused with Indian royalty. No, that red spot in the middle of my forehead does not mean I have been born to an elite caste system. It means I picked at a huge zit on my face and I want to die…Like Sally.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Lumiday has-  B-Complex Vitamins

o   B1 (Thiamin – energy support at 3333% DV)

o   B12 (Energy, anti-fatigue at 1600% DV)

o   B5 (Pantothenic Acid – ‘beauty’ vitamin at 100% DV)

o   B3 (Niacin – healthy digestion, hormonal balance at 50% DV)

o   B6 (Immunity support at 800% DV)

o   B9 (Folic Acid – metabolic health at 200% DV)

 It’s one stop shopping and my mood is really only going to be enhanced if I also look better, because I’m shallow.

I’ve been reading the reviews on line and they look pretty promising. I’m going to try it for a month and come back here and let you know what I think.

How about you? Have any of you tried an over the counter mood booster? Let me know what you think!

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