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Hey there, Meg here! I was in Charlotte, NC and had so many megheads come out and support our party it was wonderful! You Southern ladies totally rock the stereotype and support it! There’s never a hair out of place and the face is full on fabulous!

Catherine Hickland, leading Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tucker
joined us with the Southern Belle of them all, Debra Kennedy
Debra was gracious and amazing and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Debra has held every pageant title known to man. She WINS THEM BITCHES!Kiss

Me, well, being me, wanted to know the “Pageant Secret” to looking smooth and cellulite-free in their bathing suit competition. I expected Debra Kennedy, the biggest beauty winner to want to guard this secret with her white teeth smile. She just laughed at my question. Then she said…

Debra: Before we had to do the bathing suit competition we’d buy a bunch of PREPARATION H. We would smear it all along our thighs and legs and anywhere we saw the cellulite ripple. Then we would grab saran wrap and cover ourselves. We’d heat the skin and have the tightening cream all wrapped up and then go to sleep for the night. The next morning we were pageant ready!

Meg: Wow! Does this last?

Debra: Lasts long enough for a beauty pageant or a pool party! Give it a try!

Meg:Let me get this straight,you just take Preparation H, spread it where you have cellulite. Wrap yourself in saran wrap, go to sleep and then you’re tighter, smoother and pool party ready the NEXT DAY!?!

Debra: Welcome to the pageant world!

I’m so happy I got to meet all of the attendees through The Better Class  Charlotte that sponsored our event.

How’s that for a quick fix?

Ladies let me know if Preparation H left you silky smooth and ready to talk about saving puppies and bringing world peace! ! Anyone tried this?

Much Love to Debra Kennedy for such a handy tip!!

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