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Jeanasina here, Top of the Body Beautiful Day to you ladies! So here’s the deal…it’s Wednesday and the academy of performing reviewers (that’s me – Jeanasina!) singlehandedly being a representative of the Meg’sMakeUp organization comprised of zillions of makeup/skincare using non-professionals; able to recognize outstanding criteria in what a woman wants, am here to represent the viewpoint of an actual average woman representing the public-at-large again today!

Today’s product of the hour is Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash by Liz Earle. Now, according to the packaging ‘pure plant extract, soap bark and decyl glucoside (from corn and coconut) plus 7 pure essential oils combine in this heavenly body wash to gently cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.’ This formula is made in Great Britain!!! – I’m thinking royalty must shower with this stuff while decked out in their crowns and tiaras!! God save the Body Wash! With that buildup – my expectation was high! Also, I LOVE coconut and think that coconut is the #1 skin repairer out there so I got pretty excited when I read that was one of the ingredients in this body wash! Great Britain skin vs. Minnesota skin – let’s see what we find out. I’ve never used a single thing from Great Britain before! I looked everywhere for a luxurious red carpet to lay down on the floor as I walked toward my shower to get me in the mood for what could be a most royal experience but could only come up with an old red velour robe I never wear anymore (both the pockets are gone) it was in the rag bag. Using my vivid imagination as I stepped down on the robe before I got into the shower – I mentally was ready to be pampered like a visiting dignitary!

Armed with the new body wash in my hand, I removed the 187 rubber bands I have around my stomach to hold it in…(I got this idea after catching the end of a show on TV about stomach bands helping you to lose weight!! )The very next day I made my own power band using stolen rubber bands from the office. They say you might cramp up – boy that’s an understatement and I still haven’t lost any weight! Anyway…as my story continues…able to breathe once again I turned on the warm cascading water in my shower and proceeded to squeeze out the Orange flower botanical body wash on to my perky pink $3.25 netting ball! Money is no object when it comes to our netting balls right ladies! The lame 99 cent balls disintegrate upon first use! Immediately the fragrance of the orange flower permeated the room and my nostrils! I lathered up my body paying special attention to my stomach and the poor skin covered in rubber band marks that were just starting to return to normal, sort of like watching a Nerf ball after you run over it with a car – eventually it returns to its natural state.

So…the thing is, I, along with my lovely other reviewers are BIG on SMELLS and SCENTS -I think every one of us knows what a lovely scent can do for a person’s overall wellbeing…but for me – orange flower botanical scent – not a fan. I tried to like it – I closed my eyes and pretended I was in a fresh meadow with birds on my shoulders – the whole nine yards – but truth was – I really didn’t care for the fragrance. I also found I couldn’t wait to slather up with my favorite coconut oil so it would sink in and relieve my skin which was still making sucking sounds as it was not completely pacified in the moisture quenching department! My skin and I are on the same wavelength so it lets me know when it’s not satisfied with the things I try. So to be fair, I brought the body wash to work and asked my co-workers to take it into the women’s/men’s rooms and give it a try without my own personal testimonial slanting their opinions! They are in there now as I write this, bathing their hands in Liz Earle Orange.

While you are waiting for the follow-up on that I WILL tell you that I went on line to see what other women across America are feeling about this body wash! I learned that lots and lots of women are completely in love with this product! I saw comments about the smell being absolutely breathtaking and divine, about it lathering up amazingly; several people use it on their children (so it must be mild). I also read that it cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and nourished – it contains oats, yarrow, rose, scented geranium and natural vitamin E, plus orange flower water with essential oils and key active ingredients. Many testimonials felt it added lots of moisture to their skin and even helps with eczema problems – so…there are definitely Orange Flower users out there! If you look at the QVC website or HSN you’ll see that Liz Earle products have a very large fan base!

My co-workers have returned from the rest rooms (both men and women). The results were…nobody liked the smell at all and most said they thought it was drying so I’m thinking… maybe the people who order/buy this product regularly already have luxurious moist pampered skin so the effect wouldn’t be as drying on them and/or maybe the people in Minnesota have a selective nasal passage which doesn’t have an enjoyment of this particular fragrance. So as much as I enjoy conducting extensive research on fabulous products I’m going to have to pass on this one.

I’ll leave you with a wise old saying…” Confucius says…”Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” Anyone out there find their beauty in Liz Earle


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