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liltwigBaby Love here!  I’ve waited until now to review Little Twig’s sunscreen due to the fact that it is only available in 30 SPF.  If you have kids with fair skin like mine, 30 SPF isn’t strong enough to protect their skin throughout the summer months.  The sun is just too hot.  I do have some friends that have children with olive skin, and this provides fantastic coverage, but for see through children like mine, it’s only really beneficial to them from the hours of 3-5, or in the early days of fall.

I have reviewed Little Twig’s products before, and have loved them.  I still love everything that they stand for and create, and love the platform for this SPF. If I understand correctly, it is actually impossible for mineral/organic sunscreens to come in SPFs over 30 due to new strict guidelines set forth.  Little Twig definitely adheres to these new guidelines, since their sunscreen is paraban, mineral oil, and phthalate free,  hypoallergenic, and contains no wheat, soy, or nut ingredients.

I really liked the consistency of this sunscreen.  It’s thick, but not greasy.  I am still a fan of sunscreen in a tube as opposed to a can, because I like to see exactly where I have applied the protection.  It worked itself in really nicely to the boy’s skin, and the water beaded right off of them.  When I wore it, it worked perfectly for me since my skin tans pretty well.  It doesn’t smell like sunscreen, in fact, it doesn’t smell like much of anything.  This is always a plus, since trying to get your kids to sit still while applying sunscreen is hard enough.  It makes it only 100X worse when you’re trying to apply something that STINKS.  It’s a GIVEN, no matter what, that when William wears sunscreen, he’ll have an awful rash, but this didn’t cause an inflammation of his skin.   I said it before, and will say it again just so everyone understands me clearly, if you and/or your children can use 30 SPF and stay protected; there is no safer, purer sunscreen available to you!  On, the sunscreen is their product of the month, so for a limited time you can save 25% off a regularly priced tube.

What’s particularly fantastic about Little Twig is their commitment to our environment.  Every Wednesday Little Twig donates 15% to an organization benefiting children and/or an environmental cause.  Additionally, Little Twig donates 1% of proceeds to 1% For the Planet who makes charitable donations to environmental programs throughout the world.  Need more?  Return four full sized empty Little Twig product containers, and receive 30% off your next online purchase!  Seriously, could they be any more generous?

I will be picking up more of Little Twig’s Tangerine Bubble Bath and maybe some new bath mitts for the boys this holiday season.  Their bath products are just as safe and smell fantastic, and they also have an unscented and extra mild option for extremely sensitive children.  As I’ve mentioned on here before, if William doesn’t break out from a product, then your child probably won’t either.  Check out Little Twig and do something great for your little one and for our planet.

How many of you only do “green” on your little ones?

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