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Ok, enough of my rants and back to the make-up! The fabulous folks at Linden Leaves sent Megsmakeup out some of their Gold Oil to test. I know, we are so fancy we get Gold Oil! The oil actually has 23K gold flakes floating around inside.

I am seeing this brand popping up in a bunch of magazines and apparently Jessica Alba is a huge fan. We don’t get a lot of oils over here It’s kind of a funny thing to send us since “oil” doesn’t usually make the short list. I laughed with Desertdoll when I read on their site that it is great to use when giving massages. If I told HOM to lie down so I could give him a massage he would definitely be suspect. I can already hear how that would go…“NO! I didn’t BUY ANYTHING, really I just want to give you a rub”.

Also, Linden Leaves recommends putting a few drops in your bath. This seems more feasible. Between the caviar shampoo, the liquid gold bath and regenerating face creams I’m practically a princess! It’s almost noon so I am almost ready for my royal champagne. First I have to fill the dishwasher and vacuum a little bit because I just gave my 3 dogs baths (flea season-yuck) but then her highness is ready! I wonder if I’m the demographic Linden Leaves had in mind when they came out with their Gold Oil. I bet Jessica Alba never has to vacuum! She’s probably getting a massage with her Gold Oil as I type this!

Here’s what Linden Leaves has to say about their Gold Oil “A sumptuous, replenishing blend of easily absorbed pure fruit and flower oils – sweet almond, calendula, avocado, grapeseed and rosehip – infused with a sensual, unisex vanilla parfum and 23kt gold flakes. Massage regularly into warm skin after bathing and allow a moment to absorb before dressing. Alternatively, pour several spoonfuls into your bathwater before relaxing into a moisture replenishing soak. Also delicious as a massage oil”.

Ladies, please post if Linden Leaves Gold Oil made you feel priceless!

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