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levelnaturalsshowerbombIf you know me, you KNOW that anything to do with bath or shower products makes me happy! Goddess Granny is a slave to her tub and shower stall because for me, they are “therapy” of the highest degree and deserve to be treated with respect! I love to dump everything I can into a steaming tub then just bask in the benefits: I know some don’t “get” baths and that’s perfectly fine but for me,they fix a lot. Sore muscles and abused feet are soothed,pores are open and ready to absorb,skin is left glowing and happy because it’s not only clean, it’s received the benefit of whatever cocktail-ed concoction I have drizzled into the tub that promises amazing rejuvenating results! Not to mention that you can condition your hair and actually look sort of hot wearing a plastic baggie on your head because the bubbles make it sexy…

I read, write, watch gossip shows and movies,and it’s one of the rare times I feel NO guilt what so ever for spending time only on myself! Who can fault one for wanting to be cleanKiss Showers for me are only when I don’t have time for a bath and even though there are yummy soaps and gels and all manner of butters and creams designed to work in a shower stall, they are second-tier for me…until now.

I read a LOT about products and trends and look at SO many websites sometimes I feel my brain-cells frying trying to absorb all the info. When a site strikes me to be as cool, well-constructed, informative,and just plain “of the moment” as the “Level Naturals” one does, it gets bookmarked immediately! I’m weary of pretentiousness and competitiveness based on ego and not product design or quality ingredients so when a company can represent itself exactly as you imagine it’d be like if you were chatting with the creators, it’s a huge win for me!

Who can fault their “dig deep and suck the marrow out of life!” philosophy and commitment to cruelty-free, responsible products that are also gluten free (becoming a BIG thing for me!) as well as donating to local charities and sourcing without damaging the environment! “Green” I’m usually not but  I LOVE This website and the no-nonsense cool without any effort approach to doing the business of bath products with a NEW and very on point style! Their products sound totally delicious and if you visit the “About” page, the people involved in design and production really have an edge when it comes to knowing what people want in their showers and tubs! Blood Orange…Lemon Sage…Tangerine Spearmint…just to name a few of the literally edible-sounding soap scents Level Naturals offers! Gorgeous chic no frills recycled packaging for everything and a perfectly edited product line is impressing me to no end!

They have a reasonably priced (you get 4 for $8.00!) “Shower Bomb” they refer to as the “little sister of the bath bomb…” You plunk this little gem on the floor of your shower away from the drain and let the water work it’s magic releasing FABULOUS menthol eucalyptus vapors that clear your head immediately from seasonal stuffiness or a brutal night of partying and tea tree oil gives your feet a MUCH appreciated little bit of healing help! It’s like being in a posh spa where fair maidens (okay…spa attendants) pour steaming hot water over branches to release beneficial oils right in the comfort of your shower! this is SUCH a great idea and product and I’m hiding the rest of my “Shower Bombs” because my guy is already sniffing around and asking if “there’s more of what smells so good!”My bathroom smelled amazing for like 2 hours after I used one!

Buy your own “Shower Bombs” aka trip to paradise in a shower stall here and see if you don’t agree that “Level Naturals” is one helluva’ cool and contemporary consumer-directed company with everything going for it:!

I’m dying to try the Lemon Sage Ginger body polish and am so impressed with the prices and that every single ingredient is clearly listed under the product descriptions! I feel younger and cleaner just reading around their site and think you’ll be impressed as well!

Have you ever tried a “Shower Bomb” and don’t you love it when you can be confident that what you add to your bath or shower is pure and natural as well as smelling sensational? LOVE that those who are strictly “shower people” can now also indulge!

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