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Hi Lovelies! It’s another Body Beautiful Wednesday with your host Jeanasina and I hope this day is finding everyone in the pink! When I think about pink – two things come to mind. Pink glowing youthful skin and a nice supple round delicious Hostess Sno Ball pink snack cake! Yeah baby! That’s what I’m talking about! Recently my Harley Man and I went for a walk and after walking in the winter wonderland that is Minnesota we had pink healthy glows to our faces and we walked our pink faced selves into a day old bakery and there on the shelf, waiting for me, was a beautifully preserved package of my old favorite, Hostess Pink Sno Balls! My Harley man said “YOU WANT THOSE?” He looked at the drool flowing down my face and noticed my eyes which were now as big as fried eggs as I stared at the package and he realized that YES, INDEED, I DID WANT THOSE! I carried my prize home like a treasure and when I finally ate it, I moaned with pure ecstasy with every single bite I took – it brought back so many youthful memories of absolutely loving those Hostess Sno Ball concoctions! I learned today that those Sno Balls first came out in 1947 and like me they are 60 years old!
No wonder I can relate to them! I’m sure my face was pink that day with the feelings of new found love or in this case, an old love come back to give my lips and taste buds a melt-down! My Harley man sat next to me and watched as I moaned and purred, grinning like a fool with a big coconut and marshmallow chocolate cake cream filling smile on my face! He said something like “I’m glad you are happy dear.”That’s a good man.

This entire in the pink focus brings me to today’s topic I can’t wait to talk about! As you know I’m a huge fan of Dr. Lark’s products. Recently the lovely people at Dr. Lark sent me a new product to try called .Power Royal Day Cream by LAVERE which is not one of Dr. Lark’s products but because this line is so spectacular they are now selling it on their website! This stuff is in a word SKINEUPHORIA!!! I really REALLY love this product! I followed the instructions and used it every DAY on my skin along with my other products and I was amazed at the visible results! I have been using it for over a month now and am completely delighted with what it’s doing for my skin! My skin is almost pink – it’s glowing again! Over all the products I have sampled, reviewed, purchased and tested, this probably has done the most helpful transformation into allowing my skin to appear younger again! I really think it works! According to the information they provide it.. “will give your skin new strength… of the testers who used it for the duration of three weeks they were of the opinion that their skin was revitalized and appeared noticeably smoother.”

There is actually a 4 piece skin `solution essentials kit’ in this line but I have only tested the Power Royal Day Cream. For those of you interested in organic choices and in keeping `green’ I found out that this product received 5 green leaves which means the EVO website is on board with this product as well as other Lavera products ranging from skin care to makeup! provides a huge selection of green products, services, and information all in one place. They also say in regards to this Lavera Power Royal line, that it’s 100% free from parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and petroleum ingredients, and that it’s certified natural, certified organic.

I experienced all positive results from this day cream! It comes in a small silver tube with an easy screw off top, and another thing I personally really enjoy is the smell! I can’t put my finger on what it is about the fragrance; I can just tell you that I look forward to opening that tube every morning and inhaling! I carefully rub it gently in on my entire face, paying special care to my forehead, my neck and my entire solar plexus area!

My poor chest area is by far my worst area of sun indignity over- polarization! DO NOT lay out in the sun slathered in baby-oil wearing a sign that says “Fry this sucker!” on your chest! I wish back in the day that somebody would have shown me an `age enhanced photo’ of what my skin was going to look like 30 years down the line because I would have NEVER spent every living moment at the beach! I noticed within days that my skin looked brighter and maybe a bit tighter and more youthful! Even the dreaded alligator chest skin was experiencing a somewhat softer appearance!

The cost is $100.00 a tube or if you buy a kit with the 4 products they suggest, you can get a bit of a deal on the actual Lavera website. I can only image what powerful results I would get if I used the Power Royal Night Cream to compliment the Day Cream! Egad! Autograph mongers would be after me day and night! My face is feeling more in the pink since I tried this and I will definitely purchase it going forward as part of my new and improved skin care regimen!

Each morning, just after administering the lovely Lavera Power Royal Day Cream to my skin, I usually make a grand entrance as I step out of the bathroom, twirling in a madcap fashion in my pink terrycloth bathrobe and enormous matching fluffy slippers and at that point I say to the spectators waiting for me…“Who wants to kiss me?”

I’m giving this product a much deserved A+! Anyone else out there Love Lavera! I’m including both websites where you can order this great product!

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