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lavanillaBaby Love here!  Have you ever had a product that makes you feel fancy?  I mean, I might be the least fancy pants person on the planet, but sometimes I use a product that makes me feel 100 times more important than I really am.  It doesn’t have to be the most expensive sought after product either. Sometimes it’s just the packaging of an item that will allow me to think I’m more sophisticated than I actually am.

When Megan and I were in New York City over the summer, we had a chance to catch up with our friends at our favorite PR firms.  At these meetings, we tell them what is going on with the site, and they introduce us to the new lines they represent.  Needless to say, we leave with a lot of goodies to play around with!  On one of our stops, I was given a baby sampler from a line called LaVanila.  Oooh la la, this stuff makes me feel really swanky, and it’s not even supposed to be for me!

Founders Danielle Raynor and Lauren DiGiorolamo both suffered from allergies due to harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrance found in their beauty products.   Lauren and Danielle set out to design a luxury line of products full of natural ingredients and free from everything else.  They succeeded, let me tell you.

Most natural products suffer in one huge area, smell, but not with LaVanila.  The second I looked at this line, I knew it would be a winner.  After I tried all the products at home on my boys, I immediately emailed their rep. and asked for some more.  Two days later, LaVanila’s Baby Butter was sitting on my doorstep.

The packaging is super simple, yet elegant.  Adorned with pink and green bouncing babies, LaVanila presents itself with style and class.  And the smell, OH the smell!  It smells like baby powder with a tiny hint of vanilla, and maybe a drop of fruit punch! I don’t know how many times I have to tell you all this, but I am awful at distinguishing smells.  I’m not too worried about it on this one though, because I know my fellow reviewers will be able to more clearly describe it. My kids and I have spent everyday lathered in one product from this line, or another.  We used their body wash, their lotion, their body butter, their diaper cream.  Everything was amazing, and I had not one fragrance induced headache.  This is the only baby line that Sephora carries, and for good reason, it’s the best I’ve ever tried.  The bundle of these products would be an awesome baby gift.  Pediatrician approved, hypoallergenic, packed full of vitamins and minerals, and free of chemicals, LaVanila is safe for everyone.  The Baby Butter that we received for review left my rugged boys feeling so soft and smooth. They smelt so nice, fresh, and clean.

LaVanila also carries a line for big people!  They have body washes, fragrances, lip balm, sunscreen, etc.  Get to your closest Sephora and you will be in love at first sniff.  If you have an expecting friend, or looking to get a jump on your holiday shopping, this line is so great.  On their website,, they have a gift section where all of the thinking is taken right out of your shopping.  Those lip balms look perfect for stocking stuffers!

I love introducing new lines to you all.  I’d love to know if any of you have used this line before, and if it made you feel way cooler than you actually are!

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