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lafesBaby Love Here!  I have two BIG dogs in my house.  One is a 75 pound Doberman whose name is Rocky, and the other is 65 pound boxer named Savannah.   My house is tiny!  So with two adults, two toddlers, and two dogs, sometimes it can get a little bit tight.  The one thing I learned, the hard way, about having two big dogs, is that unless they are exercised, they are BIG trouble.  So, three or four times a week, the boys and me head down to the local state park.  We walk the paths through the woods, and the dogs run.  Another lesson I learned the hard way is that unless you are wearing bug spray, no matter what time of day it is, you will be eaten alive.

Mosquito bites can kill you.  It’s quite scary actually that a little, pesky bug can do that, but it can.  When  I was growing up, a bug bite was itchy, but not really deadly.  Protecting yourself and your little ones has now become a necessity.  I don’t mind spraying myself with bug sprays that contain DEET, but I’m pushing 30 and have been using these products for years.  Did you know that DEET can peel paint, damage rayon and spandex, and melt plastic? With all the information that we’re armed with these days about organic products, it seems senseless to put these kinds of chemicals on my children.  Therefore, I was thrilled when I read rave reviews about Lafe’s Organic Baby Insect Repellent.  I had seen their line of products at Target before, and reached out to their representatives to grab some samples for review.

Lafe’s Organic Baby Insect Repellant
is USDA certified organic, chemical and DEET free, fragrance free, and Vegan.  With new concerns raised over estrogen activity on childrens hormones, Lafe’s has gone one step further and packaged their new baby line in EA free plastic.  At Lafe’s, they believe, what goes on your body goes in your body. Made from a blend of essential oils from cedar wood, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, and sweet almond oil to repel insects, Lafe’s is safe for the little ones at home.

Before one of our weekly walks in the woods, I generously spray the boys with Lafe’s.  I used some on myself as well.  I should mention that our walks aren’t all that short.  We’re in the woods over an hour, and I have to say that I was really impressed with the results upon examination later that evening. After stripping the boys down for their tubs later in the evening, I noticed maybe one or two bites.  Let’s be honest, even with products that use chemicals like DEET, they don’t protect you from every bug.  I was really pleased that  I was able to use a safe product, and that it actually worked.  I was skeptical at first about using it, because I didn’t really want to use my boys in an experiment that would either work-or leave them itchy all over.

Lafe’s isn’t specifically for babies.  There’s a line personal hygiene line that also looks amazing.  It’s safe for all of you moms to be who are especially concerned with what your putting on your body.  This brand is safe, effective, and definitely worth a good look.

Have you made the switch to an organic bug spray? What do you use? Have you tried Lafe’s?

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