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Meg here! I LOVE PUSHING BOUNDARIES! I love expression. I LOVE wearing a beaded head dress to a dinner party. Once I worked at a company and answered the phones. To make it bearable I wore a rhinestone tiara and boa everyday.

Everyone has their hero, everyone has their muse…I love Lady Gaga!

When everyone is wearing beige I try to wear red. I like to add Glitter to my smoky eye on a big night out.

Bodysuit? Yeah, I hang 4 in my closet at all times in case the occasion is called for! The red on my lips that doesn’t move is Cosmoholic Rock Star Red

Easy Gaga Smoky Eye? Well just grab a sultry black in Stila Smudge Pots make the line fine and if you mess it up just smudge it into a perfect smolder!

Tarte Cosmetics has the same effect with BRILLIANT on the apples of the cheeks. Subtle sexy shimmer that has me GAGA-OOHLALA all the way!

Lashes? We recommend The Balm Two Timer!

Eyeshadow?  Gaga is all about the Urban Decay Moonshine (we think!) Mimic her icy silver with this!

These are just suggestions to let you have fun and explore! Why does it take a “GAGA” for us to be ready to break out of the box and play! I love to wear a tutu when no one else is. I own beaded headresses I put on for play. I like to wear black opera gloves with a black tank-top out to Hollywood! Dude! It’s so fun to be free!Kiss

Unleash your inner Gaga! Be spontaneous and crazy-even if for a moment. You’d be amazed at how many women compliment your bravery then pass judgement at your statement! You only live once! HAVE A GOOD TIME!

We are behind you! How do you express your inner self?

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