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Kate2004rock here! I went to see the new Nia Vardalos film last night “My Life in Ruins.”  It was super cute, it made you laugh out loud, and having been to Greece before, it made my heart ache a little.  I loved Greece–the food, the wine, the yogurt, the beaches.  It’s fabulous.  That’s why today, I wanted to reaffirm my everlating devotion to Korres, the Greek homeopathic line started in a pharmacy in Athens.  There are no synthetic ingredients in this natural line which ranges from soaps to sunscreen to skincare to slick lipglosses (I needed the alliteration!) and their full makeup line.  All Korres products are free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, petrochemicals and GMOs.
Their newest editions to their line are the Jumbo sizes of your favorite shower gel and body butter scents.  Recession-friendly prices with light-summery scents sure to transport you from suburbia to the Cyclades (And the alliterations continue!!). $19.50 buys you 13 oz. of showergel or $29 for just under 8oz. of body butter. 

The body butters are thick and moisturizing, but a little goes a long way so I feel ike $29 buys you quite a bit of product.  Scents like Guava, Melon, and Lemon Basil are adventurous and exotic enough to put a lot of life in your “stay-cation” in the backyard!  The Body Butter Trio ($24.50) includes minis of the Guava, Quince, and Fig scents makes a perfect hostess gift or a great way for your greedy-self to try  more than once!
One of the five shades of lip butters ($9) also make good stock for your beach-bag or a little tint of color on your lips for margaritas with the girls!  What are your favorite Korres products?


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