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facesavingMeg here! So yesterday was my birthday (what age is cougar technically)? I turned Ta-Dah! 34! As you know, I’m in Greece. For my birthday I was in Santorini. It’s a beautiful island and the nightlife is hopping. As with any nightclubs you’re going to get your visitors that come around to your table. Two Italian man children (O.K…Not children, but you get my drift.) stopped by to chat us up. On hearing it was my birthday…

Italian Man/Child: No! Really! 34? That’s so old! I thought you were my age.
Me: How old are you?
Italian Man/Child: 24.

I’ve never been so conflicted in wanting to either slap someone or stick my tongue down their throat. I used restraint. I did neither. I will be kissing a different man when I get back to LA though! Thanks Dr. Simon. Kiss

We’ve reviewed a lot of Korres products in the past and in honor of me being in Greece I thought I’d fill you in on my go-to Korres Basil Lemon Body Milk. Korres started in a small pharmacy in Athens. Since those humble beginnings they have exploded onto the international cosmetic scene-so you know they’ve got to be good!

The sun is pretty brutal here and I’ve been a good girl so far! See picture above!
Dr. Simon can only do so much if I show up to his office looking like a raisin. I have managed not to get myself sunburned anywhere as of yet! However, there is no getting around the fact that lying in the sun is going to dry out my limbs!

If you like zesty lemon scents then you’re going to be in citrus heaven with this. It’s a very thin lotion consistency, absorbs very quickly and has a lot of pick-me up power! It’s definitely gotten my stems baby soft without having to spend minutes on end rubbing in a thick cream.

I’m all for keeping my face and body hydrated. This all natural wonder cream is something I’ve been grabbing for lately. I’ve also been grabbing for SPF-And hotel towels. There’s worse things then being hit on by man children so my staying out of the sun’s paying off!

How about you? How diligent are you ladies with your SPF? I hope at least your face

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