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klean body scrubGoodmorning ladies, Goddess Granny here!
There are only a few “real” issues that will mess with this Goddess Granny‘s head in such a way as to wreck my day. I won’t bore you with most of them, but will declare that if I feel grungy or dried-out or sticky-yucky in ANY way, I will be much more prone to hurting someone or going on a raving-loon rant as my husband calls it: you know,where you start calmly trying to explain exactly WHY those crumbs he left on the counter post-sandwich piss you off and end up TOTALLY off subject and screaming like a banshee about everything he’s ever done that annoyed you?
I know that’s never happen to you 🙂 but trust me, if I’m feeling like a cruddy-crawler, I can go that way… fast.

To my way of thinking, there’s just not much nicer than that first spray of shower water or first foot in a bathtub after a workout, a hard day, a broken heart, or just about anything else that has resulted in the need for physical and soul-soothing. I think there is very little that water can’t help “fix” and I consider my time spent in it real therapy that works. I might choose to share that time with some lovely products, a juicy book, chick-flick that makes me cry, or someone else (another post…:) but I know that when I’m finished, “it” whatever “it” might be will be better for the time spent!

I go to some trouble to collect stuff to join me in the tub (my place of choice) because let’s face it, there are a TON of choices out there in the world of bath products and it’s getting harder to know what is really going to be amazing because you can soak, scrub, steam, jelly, glitter, foam, bubble, lather and salt up yourself to your heart’s content but if that “stuff” doesn’t leave me satisfied after the fact as well, it either gets used up quickly never to be purchased again or goes to the bottom of the heap and eventually ends up getting tossed. Sort of like relationships? 🙂

I am ruthless when it comes to bath products, let me tell you: here are a lot of choices and none of us should ever have to suffer the agony of lame-o bath products along with all those other symptoms the flippin’ TV commercials keep insisting we have.

I absolutely am honored to chat about a product from our girl Jennnifer at “Klean” again: this company just keeps getting better and we here at Meg’s will be able to say “I knew them when…” because they are on a roll straight to the top of that proverbial heap! Not only do the selections and scents keep expanding along with the products they offer, now you can select from such goodness as a “Scrub of the Month” club as well! Are you kidding me? A fresh and beautifully-scented scrub that I KNOW is the best around delivered into my mailbox every month? Be still my heart…
Delicious and ever so classy gift-packages, candles that will make a room a little bit of heaven in say 10 minutes because they smell SO great and everything we all need to “Help you make scents of your life one product at a time!” I love that line!

The creator of the company Jennifer Hardaway is a doll: one of those truly lovely and sincere girls who you just know would turn out to be someone fabulous and fun to hang out with if/when you got to meet her! She is always considerate and attentive to her customers and goes that extra mile in all things that I’m aware of, a rare-treat in today’s “that’s just how it is…” biz-climate! I think that her absolute love for what she does combined with a hefty dose of amazing talent will allow Klean to continue growing in style!

We’re going to get “sugar-whipped” into a frenzy now: imagine something that you could scoop out of a jar that was “good” even before it ever touched your skin? The smell and the texture alone were enough to cause a bout of the giddys? Then when you started smoothing it on any rough spots or anywhere you wanted to silken up a bit, it exploded into a cloud of lusciousness and smooth-scrubbiness (is that a word:) that can only de defined as decadent? Klean’s “Whipped Sugar Body Polish” is SO not another body scrub: it’s a body treatment that like so many in the line, is actually intended to mimic the experience one might have should they be lucky enough to indulge in an afternoon at a high-end spa. The quality and depth of scent, the moisture and fabulous results it leaves behind lets one actually believe that they too are spoiled-rotten in their own bathroom!
It’s in my top 3 “best EVER body scrubs” and my Darlin’s, I have tried so many tubs and jars of the stuff it’s probably illegal in some states. Rinses off cleanly and quickly leaving you feeling sooooooo nice!

My current jar contains not only the scrub-formula which leaves me feeling as smooth as a dolphin’s back (what IS she drinking?) but the scent is like nothing else I’ve experienced: “Let it Snow” starts out a bit fruity/floral but there’s something else lurking in the glossy white confection that actually smells like the first bite/snap of cold air that you can smell once your nose stops running on THE most perfect, crisp and fresh Winter’s day ever! Not “pine” or “woods” but that elusive element that simply lets you know it’s cold and clean out there… beautiful and amazing as I see and smell it! Shea and coconut butters are hard at work combined with some other fabulous “human tested” ingredients that create this magic in a jar!

There are SO many scent choices available and SO many amazing ways to go within the Klean world that I’ll leave it up to you whether to strap on some snowshoes and take a Winter walk with me or to escape to a tropical paradise in your bathroom! I believe they have a scent an a product for all and that they could be habit-forming/addictive as well!
I can’t say enough good things about this scrub and how lovely it leaves one smelling and feeling and who doesn’t need a bit of a “Klean-sing” to start the New Year off beautifully?

You can start to get Klean here and the generous Jennifer has offered a 20% discount to the Megettes so there’s no excuse not to get scrubbing peeps! You will find everything you need/want to be your best ever, body-beautiful and smoothest self!

Use Code: MEGS20 at checkout for discount.

Do you make getting Klean a healing- ritual as well or are you strictly in it for the plain old soap and water of it all?

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