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Ladies, this is Eleni ! Happy Monday!

When you are holding in your hands something that you are wondering if you should eat it or take it to your bathroom, it can either be too bad or too good. Bad if we’re talking about food and good if we’re talking about Klean’s German Chocolate cake body polish.

When I first got it I was very hesitant. I have a long history of hating products that smell like food. Vitamin C face creams that remind me of the smell of morning trash after squeezing orange juice. Cucumber eye masks that bring memories of Greek salad leftovers. Apple shower gels that smelled like that day I was trying to find what has died in my kitchen and made it reek like that (yes it was an apple). And the worst, face creams so milky that could be mistaken for camembert.

I got in the shower totally prepared to get out of it smelling like birthday party cake leftovers. When I first rubbed it on my skin, my fears have been confirmed but nevertheless, Klean is a damn good scrub. Extra grainy, that stays grainy for more than a minute of continuous rubbing allover the body and with grains that although they are thick they still don’t scratch or irritate the skin. It starts dissolving slowly and it is so rich and thick that it feels like a good massage.

My skin got extremely smooth and very well moisturized. This scrub leaves a thin oily layer that’s pretty convenient cause you really don’t need to use a body cream after your shower, but if you use any treatment creams that need to be absorbed, maybe you should avoid it.

So, after being turned off by the intense chocolaty smell of Klean’s German Chocolate cake body polish when I first opened it (-1 point) and after witnessing its great scrub qualities (+2 points), there was a surprise: my skin smelled like coconut and sweet almond! (+1 point) The chocolate smell had gone down the drain and all that remained was the undertones of the oils that this scrub contains. You can’t imagine my relief.

In fewer words, I loved this product. And since I doubt that you’d have as many smell related childhood traumas as I have, I’m sure you’ll love it even more!

Ladies, please review the chocolate scrub and did it get you Klean?

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