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kleanBanana Bliss…Creamy Coconut…German Chocolate Cake…Goddess Granny here feelin’ my butt grow bigger just whispering these words! To me, “foody scents” are the stuff of dreams and oh so satisfying without any guilt! I for one am weary of smearing tofu on a carrot and trying to fake myself into thinking it’s Carrot Cake with Cream cheese Icing. Kiss

I want to smell and smell like things that make my mouth water and that might even be a bit “edible-smelling” to the hot man I’m married to as well! It’s been proven time and time again that “foody smells” with vanilla at the top of the list really DO incite those bump n’ grind urges in men!

Works for me too: if I can’t EAT these yummy tasting treats very often it’s all the more reason to indulge in their scents whenever possible, right?

One such incredibly delicioso product is the fabulous “Klean” bath syrup: not only does in come in several fine-foody scents but also in an assorted array of other absolutely delightful ones like “Ginger Tea” and “Lemon Love” as well…over 20 scents to choose from and yes,it’s even available in unscented for those who simply prefer to be simply “Klean.” It really IS a syrup as opposed to a bath gel or bubble bath and a small amount either introduced into a steaming tub or lathered on with a sponge results in BILLOWS of soft cleansing foam and rich moisture-laden shea oil goodness!

Cleanses gently and without stripping and the scent lasts on my skin so long, always a bonus!

I am in awe of this product: sampled it in “Lemon Love” which honestly smells like THE most perfect lemon meringue pie EVER, tart and juicy and sweet and creamy! My entire bathroom smells incredible for hours when I use this and needless to say,I do as well. It’s a bathing experience that must be on everyone’s list of “Ta’ Do’s” and a very affordable one at that! Shower if you will, it can also be enjoyed on a pouf or simpy poured on like the honey-textured treat it is.

The “Klean” company had me at first glance: simple yet not so and the founder Jennifer Hardaway based her pure and effective line on “personally significant aromas” which are fun and fresh and most of all, really add a LOT to the spa-like experience one has when using them.“Scent indulgent products for the nose and spirit!” What’s not to like? Combine her unusual and incredible array of scent choices with exotic oils, butters and perfumes and you have the recipe for a satisfying all over delight whether it’s edible or not!

There’s even a scent list on the site that will be hard to resist,they all sound SO very good…

Yes, I know there are many products in the bath and body world but if I’m going to have a habit worthy of a 12-step program when it comes to buying such things, I’d MUCH prefer they were pure, simple in some ways, and that they smell AMAZING without fail! Otherwise, I could simply squirt a bit of “Dove” or other dish washing soap into the bath for my bubbles like my Mom did when we were kids (hey…it was years ago and who knew dish soap wasn’t equal to bath syrup back then) and call it a day!

EVERYTHING in this line looks like something I want to try! Polish and soaks and butters OH MY! Every item comes in so many choices I am dizzy just plotting an order and the prices are simply great as well!! You an even buy some things in “bulk” which I am sorely tempted to do in the case of the bath syrup. Only WHICH scent to choose?

Enjoy browsing around the “Klean” site here and do yourself a guilt-free favor and order something delicious for yourself or someone you like!

I’m all over the “Tart Green Apple” and can you even IMAGINE the “Klean Grass” scent? That would be one scent I’d absolutely LOVE to try as the real deal stuffs me up! Enjoy some

“Klean” time and what scents/products in this creative and cool line are tempting you?

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