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kissmyfaceBabylove here! My three year old, William, is obsessed with washing not only his hands, but his feet, his face, his trucks, and just last week, I found him washing a pair of my underwear.  I could care less about the cost of running water, and as long as he knows the difference between the hot and cold water knobs, he could wash, wash, wash all day long. I’m currently looking around at a few restaurants in the area to see if they employ toddlers.

Kiss My Face
was kind enough to send us a round up of their kid’s products.  The product that I received was the foaming hand wash.  I love this soap, and so did everyone else in my family!

The soap comes in a bright orange, oversized pump which is easy for everyone, including three year-olds, to use.  It smells fantastic, just like oranges. The soap foams up really well, allowing William to see exactly where he has enough, and the areas where he needs more.  What I love most about the product is that it actually washes off without leaving a nasty, slimy feeling.  After a quick rinse, the soap was gone.  Whenever I use regular hand soap, it gets underneath my rings, and always leaves me feeling like I need to wash again.

Kiss My Face doesn’t only carry products for your little ones, they also provide a full line of bath, beauty, and hair care.  I love the fact that this line is available almost everywhere I go!  We used the soap for over 6 weeks, and I recently just picked up another bottle at our local supermarket along with their toothpaste, which is equally fantastic.  A little goes a long way, so even though it’s a little pricey for hand soap, it lasts much longer than the alternatives.

Their website is super neat, with tons of cool things.  Stop by, and tell them BabyLove sent you.

What Kiss My Face Product can you not live without?

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