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Stacy B here! I’m still wary of this whole ‘spring’ thing. New Englanders out there, you know what I mean. Spring happens in odd fashion around here so it takes a few weeks for you to really let go of that ‘but it really COULD snow one more time!’ feeling and actually do spring stuff, like change over your closet.

I did that this week and it was equally exciting and depressing. I love having new clothes in my closet, even if they are already mine. It’s nice to have something else to look at, another choice to ponder and more brightly colored options. However, I was VERY pregnant, and very post-partum last spring so I didn’t really wear any of my spring/summer stuff until about July when I went back to work. Even then, I was still losing the baby weight so I stuck to my more flow-y shirts and dresses and kept it neutral with some fun new accessories. Now, I’m seeing all these clothes that I can fit into (yay!) and they are 2 years old!! Luckily my style is fairly classic and I don’t overindulge in trends unless I see long-term potential, but still, it was a lot of outdated stuff!

And with two kids, my clothing budget is nearly zero! Spring panic! Luckily, I got a nice first quarter bonus from work and have been promised an outlet shopping and dinner date this weekend for my 7th wedding anniversary. I can’t wait to restock my closet. And the best thing is, **bragging alert** ….I feel pretty good this year since I am officially  4 pounds below my pre-baby weight. And not my younger son, my OLDER son! That’s right, with hard work, low calories, healthy recipes, and pinterest workouts I can do at home, I am under both pre-baby weights and only 3 pounds over my WEDDING weight. Let’s get shopping!!!

Another thing that inspires spring panic? Besides bathing suits in a month (let’s just skip right over that. I look good, but not THAT good!) is open toed shoes!! It’s been a long, cold winter and my piggies are in rough shape. Neglected, dry, wintery and bare toes. I can’t get a pair of peep-toes to even look my way. For Mother’s Day last Sunday, I’m got a nice spa pedicure at a place in town but my toes are so bad, I had to start prepping them at least a week before!

I found this great peppermint foot scrub from Kiss My Face and have been using it every other day for the past week or so. It’s been a big help! It smells SO good, which is not surprising. I’ve tried a few other Kiss My Face products to mixed reviews but the one thing I’ve always said is how good they all smell. This is a true peppermint smell and it fills the bathroom up and makes it smell like a really nice spa.

The scrub has natural pumice and walnut shells that you can really feel when you are rubbing it in. It’s not too hard, but you can definitely feel those little bits working at smoothing the rough parts of your feet. I focused on my heels and toes and gave it a good 2-3 minute scrub/massage in the shower and I really noticed a difference. I was far less embarrassed to go to the spa on Sunday and have them give me the heavy duty ‘summer’s coming’ pedicure.

This is a great product that I recommend using 2-3 times a week consistently. My feet softened up a bit, and looked a little less rough and tumble. They felt smoother and moisturized too. I used an old favorite foot cream (not Kiss My Face brand, but I’d like to give their lotion a try sometime), at night and am very pleased with the results. Now that my closet is changed over, my spring/summer shoes are perched on my shoe-shelf where my boots once were, and my feet feel smoother, I’m ready for open toe season!

What are you ladies doing to prepare your tooties for summer?

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