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Stacy B here! Bangers and Mash! Fish and Chips! Jolly good time! Throwing out some British phrases because I just got back from London! What a city, and what a trip we had. Girls only, so my husband and boys stayed home. I had 5 days of quiet, making my own decisions, peeing by myself, waking up naturally and not by sticky hands touching my face, and carrying a small bag with ONLY my stuff in it! It was great. But I did miss those little buggers.

It was a rough week, we were there to watch my cousin run the London Marathon, and after what we went through with Boston, we were nervous and emotional. We wanted to unplug the day we got there and just enjoy, but with the lockdown and the manhunt and news happening so fast, were glued to our TV or iPad for a lot of the day. We did our best to get out during the days and walk, shop, sightsee and wander but as soon as we got home, it was BBC and iPad time.

We tried to enjoy while keeping our thoughts on those left at home in Boston. I think we succeeded, we had a great time and met a lot of locals that had so much support for their neighbors across the pond. And my cousin ran a very emotional PR in the marathon (personal record for those not in the running world) and funished in 3:53. Her fastest time by more than 10 minutes. WOW!

 I was proud of myself for being able to fit all my stuff for 5 whole days in a small suitcase and carry-on that was pretty easy to manage while taking the Tube all over the place. I’m a great packer and I love to find small products in the drugstore that don’t take up much room but still pack a punch. I hate packing shaving cream because I am always afraid the can is going to explode in the plane and get shaving cream all over my stuff. Which has happened to me once. Not fun. I had it in a plastic travel bag, but it still leaked all over everything.

This trip, I went with a shave cream that came in a tube, not a can. I brought Kiss My Face Moisture Shave in Key LimeYes, it smells that good. This is in a tube that’s like a lotion containter, not a steal can that can’t bend or move in the suitcase. I got there, unpacked, and no product explosion incidents!

 Plus, it was not a big tube, so it didn’t take up as much room or weigh as much. The formula is so good for you, no parabens, gluten free, no animal testing, all essential, natural oils, ingredients I recognize and can pronounce and nothing artificial. Good for my suitcase, good for me. And it really does smell so yummy.

 It moisturizes, so I didn’t have to pack a huge tub of lotion. I wouldn’t completely stop moisturizing, but at least for my trip, I didn’t have to worry too much. It held enough skin essentials in it that for the few days I was there, I didn’t need to layer on multiple products.

 My only dislike is that the lather doesn’t bubble up much and it washes away really easy. Which is great for when you are done, but I need the lather to stay put so I can see where I’ve shaved already. I’m no artist and staying within the lines has always been trouble for me. So when it washes away, I’m not sure where I’ve shaved or where I haven’t so I usually end up having to apply a little more and start over in some spots.

However, like I said, it washes away quickly and cleanly, so if you are better at remembering where you shaved and where you didn’t, you probably won’t care if it’s all gone already. There’s no sticky or oily residue left over.

This was a great trip, a great travel product and while the timing was terrible for us to be so far away from our friends and family in Boston, we were so glad we did it. What shaving lotion do you prefer?

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