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Stacy B here! “This year’s flu season could be the worst in decades” uh, what? You’re kidding me, right? I have two kids who attract germs like a Kardashian attracts papparazzi and now I have to worry about the flu!? They just got over coughs last week!

Break out the kiddie pool, I’m using it indoors and filling in with sanitizer. We will NOT get the flu. We WILL NOT. OK, maybe I can get it, I hear it helps drop the holiday weight. Kidding!!

I’m not sure what else I can do within the realm of normal parenting behavior. Everyone washes their hands when they get home, sheets are washed weekly in hot water, scarves, hats and mittens are thrown in there occassionally, both boys (and adults) are eating lots of healthy veggies and vitamin-c packed fruits, adults take multivitamins, we all drink lots of water and exercise regularly. We can’t live in a bubble.

In case the bug gets us, we do our best to make the duration of the cold or flu as short and pleasant as possible. Steamy showers, hot tea, lots of rest, chicken soups, doctor’s visits, if necessary, and for the adults, cold medicine (which you know never works). I definitely feel bad for my youngest who, at 8 months, can’t take any medicine or drink tea and soup. My 4-year-old has a few more options but still. I try to find non-drug ways of making them feel better.

I found some body wash from Kiss My Face called Cold and Flu Shower and Bath Gel. Sounds way too good to be true. And it kind of was. I didn’t love this. I liked it. Just liked it. Which was tough because I loved the company, the message behind the products, their environmental responsibility, the innovative products, even the price.

It started out really promising. The bottle is huge, and only about $11 retail price. I was intrigued by the eucalypus and menthol blend and the advertising on the back. It says “While it doesn’t provide a cure, it sure does provide a dose of soothing comfort.” 

What? A company being totally honest with you and not trying to trick you into believing they can cure the world? Set my expectation right away: this wouldn’t work miracles, but would offer a break from the annoying cold and flu symptoms we all hate. Perfect. We all know there’s no cure for the common cold, or flu, so a break is about all we can ask for as we let these things run their course.

The smell is amazing. It was like a healthy spa smell when I opened it, and when I took a good wiff, I swear my sinuses opened a little and I’m not even sick. I made my husband smell it, who IS sick. Or at least try to smell it. He hasn’t smelled anything in 3 days. I told him to guess the scent and he said, “I think I smell mint?”. And then sneezed. It definitely got something moving up there.

We were very eager to try this. Hubby, because if he smelled a little mint, there was hope after a steamy shower and some aromatic lather, and me, because it smelled like a relaxing spa and with a sick husband and two young kids, a nice-smelling shower is like a gift.

My husband tried it first and was not impressed. He said it didn’t smell any more and there was no lather. He said he had to use a ton to get enough soap to wash himself. Uh oh. I’m a total bubble snob. I need lather. I know, I know, most lather is extra chemicals, but I need it. I went into the bathroom immediately after he got out of the shower and there was no lingering scent either. That’s another thing I was hoping for, that the scent would get steamed up and fill the bathroom. It didn’t.

 I tried it the next morning and have to agree with everything my husband said. The scent died out immediately, and I had to use a ton on my loofah to get any bubbles. It washed away very clean, but I’m not sure if that’s because it’s a clean product, or because there were hardly any bubbles to wash away. I didn’t get that steamy, eucalyptus and menthol spa aroma like I had hoped. I even turned our bathroom fan off, hoping to keep the steam in. That didn’t work either.

Not the best product, but the company has so many good things going for it, I’d definitely be willing to try another item of the many they offer.

Have you ever tried a product that helped you with your cold or flu that didn’t require a prescription?


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