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As a child I can think of a few things that got kids laughing harder than the discussion of body odor. Farting yes, and maybe boogers… but BO was something that affected every pre-adolescent kid and as a result of this glandular affliction all kids between the ages of 12 – 14 were obsessed with deodorant. Or at least those who were allowed to attend school sponsored sex ed and feminine hygiene. Sweetassgal didn’t need sex ed. My Sweetassmama was a walking sex ed class making sure I had all of the knowledge necessary to navigate River Puberty with ease and grace. I was lucky. Another pre-adolescent, whom we’ll call Suzy BO, was not so lucky.

Suzy BO was a very sweet girl… a very sweet, very naive and very stinky girl. She came from the kind of family who barely believed in public school, who made all of their own “Little House on the Prairie” type clothes and made sure NO boy would go anywhere near this poor little creature by ensuring her that bathing twice a week was all she needed to stay hygienic. Her “natural” oils would protect her skin and there was nothing wrong with the bodies emission of certain scents. You may be able to get away with this as an ultra-cool dread haired, herbal toking lover of Bob Marley in Berkley… but for most pre-teen girls in your average American Junior High this spells certain death for your social standing.  

Suzy BO just didn’t get it and I truly felt sorry for her. I tried to talk to her but years of parental brainwashing were no match for me. We even tried to sneak a deodorant stick into her PE bin hoping she’d get the hint but no. It literally got so bad that at one point the only place you could be sure of getting a spot out on the playground was within 10 feet of this girl because her BO caused a sort of “stink ring” of anti-social protection around her. She was like the BO version of an odoriferous Saturn. I never saw her after Middle School and often wonder if she became some sort of superfunk demi-goddess… sacrificing her social life on the alter of her pit worship. More than anything… I just hope she learned to take a shower.

Having grown up A LOT since Junior High, and having become a lover all things Green Chi Tuesday I have opened my mind and my heart to a lot of products I would have turned my nose up at the tender age of 13. But still the subject of body odor is sensitive to me. I guess Suzy BO is never far from my mind when I chose a new product to try. This week I was gifted a new chance at opening my heart and my Axillary lymph nodes by trying out Kiss My Face’s Active Enzyme Aluminum and Paraben free deodorant.

I am a huge fan of the Kiss My Face line and everything they stand for. They are an independent company that strive for personal products that are natural, organic where possible, cruelty free, and free of those ingredients that have been linked to diseases such as Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s. This is exceptionally so when speaking of their line of aluminum free deodorants. Many research studies have linked the toxicity of aluminum (in many mainstream deodorants) to both of these devastating diseases which poses the question. Was little Sweetassgal a BO bigot and were Suzy BO’s parents right all along?

Answer? It depends. I’m afraid like most big questions in life that answer is completely subjective and varies from person to person and from need to need. It is very important to note that will all natural deodorants they are just that… a deodorant. They are NOT an antipersperant. It’s the chemicals used in traditional antiperspirants that prevent a person from sweating and therefore cannot be classified as natural. It is also the same chemicals that prevent toxins in sweat from leaving the body that build up in lymph nodes which studies attribute to possible Breast Cancer.

Kiss My Face’s Active Enzyme Deodorant help to control odor with a colorless, non-staining stick without harsh chemicals and they adhere to all of their product values with each use.  I have tested many, many natural deodorants and Kiss My Face’s version IS far superior to many I’ve tried. However, I tend to be a sort of human heat furnace and as a result of this I need a really strong deodorant. I could tell I needed reapplication by the time I made it home at night so it didn’t work for me for all day coverage. But this is where the “it depends” comes in because everyone is different. I need more intense coverage for deodorant needs but I rarely sweat. I have a friend who never has problems with odor but sweats like crazy. See what I mean… everyone is different.

I think the decision to go natural with your deodorant is an extremely personal one. I would LOVE to be able to do so and ensure that I was daisy fresh all day. Maybe one day I’ll be able to be one of those women who takes a light “freshening” shower in the mid afternoon and can switch to a great natural deo but right now my time… and lets face it, my vanity… aren’t ready for it. But for those of you whom under arm worries are a minimum I say why tempt it and go for the natural option. I would if I could.

To the makers of Kiss My Face deodorant stick I would like to make one suggestion… start off the stick in a rounded “armpit” shape and not a concave one. It’s uncomfortable to rub the outer circle of this around and it takes a while before the stick finally conforms to the shape of your armpit. Other than that I do plan on trying to work this in on those easy weekend days when I don’t have much going on and I can give my lymph nodes a rest from traditional deo.

To Suzy BO and her parents… maybe you weren’t completely off the beam but I still say it’s a risky venture and akin to child abuse to send your already shy and insecure child out into the savage world of Junior High without at LEAST the protection of a daily shower and maybe a little Love’s Baby Soft to help her on her way. As the person most often stuck with her in PE… I know I would have appreciated it! GLAM ON!

Ladies, what do you think of natural deodorants? Do they work for you?
Have you ever tried the Kiss My Face line?

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