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sayercontourWell…it was bound to happen sooner or later: the day has come when we must have a chat and use the dreaded “C Word” in almost every sentence! Yep…that word that makes most of us females cringe to the core and that most men, in their smugness seldom use in polite conversation unless it’s intended to make us tear up in frustration.

Goddess Granny
here suggesting that you get your eggnog-soaked little minds out of the gutter: the OTHER “C Word” my pretties and to me,it’s even worse that being called an un-flattering name:  cellulite.

We poke and prod at it, we smack and try to suction it, we hold it in with true devices of torture,we despair that we are subjected to such a vile-atrocity when in our minds we are flawless creatures of light and glitter! WHY oh WHY must such a thing even EXIST let alone choose to take up residence on our backsides, thighs, and other tender parts of our beautiful selves?

To me, it truly is the curse of any female who by the misfortune of genetics or BMI must see it everyday and reassure herself that she is not alone in her suffering! I’m ALL about being positive and accepting but damn,it sure doesn’t help when that pair of pricey black pants that really do make you look trimmer must work overtime to also disguise the little dimples of darkness.Indirect lighting becomes our best friend in lingerie and we have all read countless “expert opinions” relating to prevention and management of these renegade-fat cells that simply refuse to cooperate.

True: some are blessed in the most literal sense of the word with flawless upper thighs (I hate them profoundly…yes Meg: you too,Wink!)  but the vast majority of us must rely on Spanx and/or Photoshop in order to be sure the offending tissue is kept smooth and not allowed to churn away at will adding to our considerable distress in polite social situations. I am not among the “chosen few” who are unaffected by the phenom and I do try my damdest to insure that it’s not, at the very least, getting any worse!

I will say that changing what I eat i.e., no dairy or processed foods, meats, sugar HAS made a bit of a change and that along with consistent workouts, I have been able to lessen the damage at least to the unsuspecting eye. Most of the time however, it’s a mental “flaw” with me as much as a “physical” one in that the chit bugs the hell out of me and I don’t like it, period.

We’ve all heard about the treatments which promise to help: most are invasive, many are pricey, and some are just so painful (sorry,when someone says they must “break down the connective fibers” I feel pain!) that it’s just not worth it to pursue these whispered about in the most select-spa treatments unless one is obsessed or desperate. Wouldn’t we LOVE a little pill or something lovely that could be gently massaged on that would allow us to wake up as un-dimpled as a china doll? Maybe someday….

For now, I will have to rely on the expertise of those who know their stuff and Kimberly Sayer seems to have an upper hand on the issue: the daughter of British organic-farmers who chose a profession as a sought-after aesthetician and later created hand-blended and superbly pure products that are affordable and highly effective. Her true-organic products are absorbed into the skin and actually qualify as “food” which gives your skin the maximum benefits every time you use them.
I’m currently using her “Slimming and Contouring Lotion” which claims to “remove cellulite,tighten and tone…” Oh boy…this is REALLY one product I’ll call “hope in a bottle”! 🙂

Well-packaged and elegant in your hand with a sleek pump: you only need a little bit, which is applied in a circular motion using your fingertips on the offending-areas once a day until “you experience desired results” at which point,you can back down to one or two times a week. Question IS, can anything applied “topically” actually REMOVE cellulite?

This contains silica as well as botanical extracts,sea algae,willowbark,and several other herbals and oils.Irish moss is included in the recipe as is ivy…I do believe on their own merit,the individual ingredients have some “power” in the reduction of fluids and provide natural firming and tightening to sagging skin and that collectively,they are a potent and effective blend.

It has a dense, serum-y texture that allows you to apply easily and no rubbing or tugging happens: I will “kindly” describe the scent as “soapy-citrus” although honeysuckle extract is also listed as an ingredient,I don’t get any “floral” notes at all…it’s a fairly heavy scent but it does seem to dissipate quickly.It’s not my favorite scent in a product but it’s not awful either.

On first touch,the skin DOES really seem to be MUCH firmer and tighter: in this respect,it’s probably the most immediate gratification I’ve ever gotten from a “cellulite-targeting” product! I use after a bath before bed and can really feel my thighs evening out and getting smoother. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks faithfully and my skin texture and tone has improved a LOT! Is the cellulite “gone?” Sadly no.

Do I believe that with regular use,the already done damage CAN and WILL be visibly improved? Yes, absolutely! I just am hesitant to say that it will be “removed…”

Being honest and realistic with my fellow Megheads, I will tell you that for the price/amount of product/quality I think it’s probably one of the “best” products out there intended to treat and target an almost impossible to get rid of a “beauty-issue”. I will also tell you that it IS skin-deep and that I don’t believe in my heart of hearts that any topically-applied product is able to melt away cellulite and leave you with flawless body-parts so I think it is best to take this and all products in this category with a grain of salt and a lot of hope! I have seen an improvement in skin tone as I said and for that alone, I’d continue to use it.

Many kuddos to Kimberly for creating a product that is TOTALLY a cut above and that I would suggest this to anyone who wishes some parts were a bit more sleek! I know some of you are “experts” on this subject and welcome you to add your 2 cents here as well!

Do you also believe that topically-applied products of this nature and of all kinds have some limits as to what they can achieve as results?

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