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I was speaking to a man that was interested in investing in Megsmakeup. He’s super cute, very smart, has a decent personality but can’t wrap his head over the fact that that women go number 2. I know women are not suppose to poop so I was left in this pickle of a situation.

I was 18 and like 90 pounds so it was not like I could even produce a big poop. I was new in New York and went to lunch with a girlfriend and 2 cute guys. We decided to pop by my apartment so my friend Josie could change her shoes. Her heels were killing her.This was a very cosmopolitan crowd and one in our party even had a royal title. I was so cool all through lunch. Then there was a rumble in my tummy after we had left the public restrooms.

I went to go pee in my new apartment and a little poop came out. No problem. I went to flush and the damn toilet would not flush. I started to panic because cute guy #1 started to knock on the door that he had to pee. I said a quick prayer and the toilet still would not flush. What could I do? I didn’t want to be mortified. He was cute. He was smart, nice and had a flipping title!

There was no other out. I had to survive. I grabbed the cup I bought for water or water rinse or whatever off my sink. I scooped the poop out of the toilet. I opened the bathroom window of the apartment I had on Park Avenue, 10 Floors up. I threw the poop out the window. Because of “the girls don’t poop belief “some poor sap was minding their own business and got hit on the head with my business. Then I had to throw out the cup and hide it on the bottom of the trash.

For the sake of pedestrians everywhere, girls poop. Not to be such a punner but this shit rules. However, now that I have these drops my #2 can be a #1. Who cares if I dare have a bowel overload if there is no evidence?

If I were single and dared have taco’s or really anything and the guy I was with was a poop-phobe I’d buy this. It makes your deposit very non.

Also I know how if you’re single and you’re on a date and all-of-a-sudden-I-HAVE-TO-GO. If I were back on the dating scene I’d have a bottle of this. But I would have just one bottle. it lasts a very long time and really, by month 2 he has to get over it. GIRLS POOP!








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