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JURLIQUEBabylove here!  I’m having so much fun writing these posts!  I’m especially loving these products that I’m able to use not only on my kids, but also on myself. This weeks highlight, Jurliques Baby’s Calming Massage Oil, happens to be one of those products!

My youngest son, Calum, is 16 months old.  He’s been a fairly difficult child since his birth.  “Just hold on until 4 months, and the colic will disappear,” they would tell me, but it didn’t.  I tried every trick to ease his tears.  Car seat against the dishwasher-check, swaddling-check, car rides-check, crying hysterically while banging my head into the wall-check. After the peak of his colic, came the peak of his acid reflux, then his teeth, then ear infections, and as it turns out, THEN never ends.  Still, now, he seems to be a fussy toddler.  He whines a lot, cries for no reason, and never seems to know what he wants. Developmentally, he is totally normal, but I’m waiting anxiously for him to start talking, so I can find out what it is about his current living arrangements that he finds so intolerable.

The one thing that I wish I had done a little more research on, was the benefits of baby massage.   When I received Jurlique’s calming oil, I figured it was a perfect time to give it a shot.  I used the oil after his bath.  I applied it first to my hands, and then to the areas I know I feel the most tension and stress.  The oil smells like lavender, and it’s a little strong, so it’s best to be conservative with the amounts.  Calum responded extremely well to the massage, and the only time he started throwing a fit, was when I stopped rubbing!  I used just enough oil, that I didn’t have to wash it off afterward.  His skin was left really soft, and moist.  I’ve started doing this now, at least twice a week, and I really believe it’s helping him to relax.  I’d also like to add, that my husband has been rubbing my feet with this stuff too and after a long day, it feels great!

Jurlique has a large, fabulous line of products for skin, hair, body, and baby.  If massage oil isn’t necessarily your thing, check out their eye treatments or cleansers which I have also used, and KNOW to be fantastic.

Who else is a fan of Jurlique and how do you get your baby to calm down?

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