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Jeanasinahere Hello Ladies! Have I told you about the time I was floating on a raft in the Dead Sea, my body covered in barnacles bigger than the ones seen on any ship? Well I can’t remember if that really happened to me or not or if it’s just a lovely fantasy but I can relate another story to you concerning my adventures. Today we are going to talk about memories…things that take you back to a gentle time in your life when the smell of lemony girl scout cookies made you feel SO happy inside and out!

I was walking through the downtown mall finding no new shops to explore so I thought “What the heck…I’ll go into the Log Cabin Minnesota Gift shop” where every freakin’ item in the store mentions the fact that it came from Minnesota. At this point in my narrative, I’m sure some of you have already tuned out and are searching frantically for another review on some high end beauty product that the stars on “Gossip Girl” are currently using but there IS MORE to my story than the words “Log Cabin Store.”

So as I browsed through the desirable moose heads displayed prominently throughout the shop and the always lovely fishing lure earrings, I happened upon a shelf with lotions on it! I am always interested in lotions and my number one criteria is..HOW DOES IT SMELL?

Well from a time when red full lips were best achieved by attaching crazed bees to your lips back in 1868, there were products made by J.R. Watkins which unbelievably are still around today and happened to be on a display in this shop. I saw a riveting label on a hand & body lotion that said “Lemon Cream” and of course I had to get my eager snout up and into the bottle immediately without hesitation!

Do you know shop personnel are really not big fans of you taking the caps off of things and then squeezing the contents of the container to see if you can get a good SMELL of the product? Well the store clerk happened to be looking over at me just in time to see me give the bottle a squeeze for smelling purposes, only to have a giant glob of the lotion shoot straight up my nose and into my sinus cavity at that exact moment.

I found a Kleenex and tried to blow the lotion out of my nostril – I’m sure it says on the label “CAUTION: DO NOT INSERT INTO NASAL CAVITIES” – oh well.

Mortified but interested I put the cap back on the lotion bottle and then starting applying my personal ‘test’ quality control applications on my hands, arms, shoulders and after checking to the right and left, I snuck some up on my chest and neck! I just loved the smell! I completely forgot that I was I the middle of “Gone Fishing” headquarters and couldn’t stop smelling my own hands and other body parts…everywhere I had applied the yummy sampling! Don’t put it on your knees though – it really looks like a one woman freak show if you are trying to smell your own knees in a store! They frown on that big time!

I practically ran to the cash register lady with several bottles in my arms and gushed about how great this lotion was! She didn’t really care how happy I was and took my money. When I got back to work my girlfriend said “WOW! You smell amazing! What IS that?” I told her about my 1868 beauty secret. Men apparently love this yummy fragrance too! Be warned you could have a male figure appear suddenly wanting to search your body with his nose trying to discover where this memory stirring scent is coming from on you!

The lotion goes on fast and sinks in and you WILL find yourself smelling your hands as often as possible. It is entirely up to you if you want to bother to explain why you have a new fetish which involves smelling your hands compulsively. That’s a wrap on this one ladies…even if money was no object I’d keep a bottle of this around just to continually bring back memories of warmth and the feeling of how good it once was to eat an entire box of lemon girl count cookies!

Keep your smilers on red alert until we meet again in a couple of weeks! Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Body Beautiful starring Jeanasina!

“This ultra-rich, nourishing lotion contains soothing aloe vera gel, panthenol (vitamin B5) and vitamin E, and moisturizing botanicals Light, non-greasy formula; refreshing lemon fragrance

The cost is about $7.00 and I love it! Any other fans!


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