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Stylemama here!  Behind every independent beauty company is at least one person that had a passion for something that simply could not be ignored.  Whether it began in childhood or was discovered as an adult, you can always pick up on the “it” factor that makes their product different and authentic.

Rochel Roland founder and Chief Bath Mixologist of Joyful Bath Co. has that special something and I am in LOVE with her bath salts. Kiss Roland shares how her penchant for mixing and creating things gave birth to her company, “In kindergarten I collected rocks, leaves and other treasures in a Band-Aid tin and used my cool metal chemistry kit to see what I could create.”  Many years later, the dream became a reality.  How can you not adore a company with a philosophy that reads: We’d like to make your life a little more joyful and a little less complicated with the simple joy of a bath.

After the most FANTASTIC Labor Day Weekend ever, my day-to-day life seemed a little more stressful than usual.  (I miss my sisters!)  By the end of the week I was desperate for a long, hot soak in the tub.   With the right products, lighting and partner, a nice bath can cure whatever ails you.   I couldn’t wait to indulge in Joyful Bath’s ‘Nilla Buttermilk scented bath salts.   It had the tastiest scent.  Imagine the most delicious white chocolate laced with the perfect amount of vanilla.  Two words: Yumm Meee!

It matters not the time of day or night I choose to bathe, within 2 minutes either my 70 pound German Shepherd, Riley or one or both of my daughters end up at the foot of the tub.  This night wasn’t any different, until Riley simply could not help herself and plunged the front half of her body and entire head into my bath and quickly began lapping up the bath water.    I couldn’t stop laughing, which only encouraged her even more.  When I finally did get her out she sat there giving me that look that she saves for company standing too close to her Treat Jar.  Funny, neurotic dog.

After only a few minutes of soaking, my dry, stressed out skin was soft and smooth.   It felt moisturized without that heavy, oily feel that inferior bath products are loaded with.   You know the kind that sits on top of your skin and leaves a ring in the tub.   (What good is a relaxing bath if you have to spend the next ten minutes scouring away that icky film?)   I would describe the scent in the jar as rich and strong, but by the time I dried off it was light and mild.  Stylepapa described it as a “sweet-clean”.   If you ask me, the perfect compliment to soft, sweetly-scented skin is a hot man waiting to take a whiff, cop a feel and share in your bath time delights.

Speaking of men, Joyful Bath Co. offers a Man Bath Bucket complete with his very own sports themed rubber duck and bungee cord.   This fantastic company has something for everyone.  Whether you’re in need of renewing, relaxing or recharging they’ve got you covered.   I love the website and bath blog encouraging you to share your favorite scent, giving you the chance to win a free t-shirt if your story is published.  Fun.   

You’ll find only six different scents to choose from.  I admire a company that keeps it simple and specializes in one impressive concept.  All of their handcrafted bath salts are made with clean, organic salts and essential oils.  They are free of parabens, preservatives and synthetic fragrances.  There are no artificial colors or dyes and they DO NOT test on animals!   With every purchase you’ll get a doorknob hanger that reads, “Shhh quiet please.  Bath in progress.”

You’ve got to love quality bath products that are Made with Heart and Soul that come with a free doorknob hanger encouraging a healthier boundary system. 😉

 Have you experienced these delightful bath salts?  If so, how do you keep your dog out of the tub long enough moisturize and relax?

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