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Sharond here, and here to help Gigi while she is attending to her illness. This is supposed to be about Drug Store Deals, but I found a deal that can’t be beat, not at a drug store, but at a farmer’s market. There I met two women who started their own health and beauty product line based on their personal needs. Ronda was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer a few years back and after serving in Iraq, had several injuries to overcome. There’s no cure for cancer, not even when a person goes into remission, there’s always the fear it may return someday. Sara and Ronda researched many different ways to avoid another round of Chemotherapy. We all know that type of treatment not only wears on your body and organs, it also wears on ones mental and emotional state of mind. With nothing left to lose, we went to an all natural way of living. A story of their struggle from start of the idea to the finish product is on their website.

I bought several different soaps that did not contain SLS, irritants, toxins, carcinogens and were hypoallergenic. I also emailed several questions to them about other products and ingredients. The questions were answered quickly and thoroughly.

With a combined background in herbal lore and tribal heritage, and a passion for nature, they created a line of all natural, therapeutic bath and body blends. Their answer was two companies called Joining of Herbs and Witches Bath. I decided to try the olive oil lemongrass bar soap with herbs as my first test product. While taking a shower, I was surrounded by a wonderful lemongrass scent. I felt like I was in the middle of a field with lemon groves surrounded by wildflowers. The dried herbs in the soap provided a wonderful gentle exfoliant. The soap is moisturized by a secret ingredient called by its Native American name of Se’na Oi’na which makes your skin silky and moisturized, not greasy. This will be wonderful for the upcoming winter season when one’s skin turns dry.

I found all the products I tried to be wonderful and with their reasonable price, mostly in the $5-$10 range, a wonderful deal. I especially liked that you could order bar soap with herbs to exfoliate your skin or without for those with sensitive skin. The products come in plain containers with a label that is easy to read. It is what is inside that will capture you. Think of the wonderful Christmas presents these will make.

The website is easy to navigate and you transfer easily between one site and the other without realizing it. The site explains the uses of their many herbs and oils, mentioning they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you have a certain oil or combination of oils that you prefer, they accept special orders for any of their products. The site tells you how to contact them directly for information. So everyone, give Joining of Herbs a try and mention you read about them on Meg’s Makeup.. Their web site offers purchase discounts on orders of $35.00 or more.


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