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Stacy B here! Well, the good news is I remembered what day it was so I could write my review. The bad news is I’ve been up since 5 am and that was only after a quick 4 hour nap between the 1 am feeding and the 5 am one so I can only hope this is coherent. Yes, my husband is helping out a lot, but no matter who is up for what feeding, the other person inevitably gets woken up, too. At least we know that this is going to get better…someday.

No real complaints here though, I would take a squishy-faced baby, midnight feedings and diaper blowouts a million times over being pregnant! I’m finally starting to feel more like myself and am back in regular sized shirts. I still need some larger sized pants, but I’m getting there. After baby #2, I’m pulling out all the stops to get back down those two more pants sizes before bathing suit season.

Last week I started generously using Jergens Skin Firming Lotion all over myself. It’s geared toward celulite, which I think we all know can’t really be eliminated if it’s in your genetic make up. You can reduce it with diet and exercise and hide it with some creative fashion choices and a great (fake) tan, but it won’t go away entirely. I didn’t start using this thinking it would miraculously change my life but even if this lotion can tighten up my skin a little bit, I’ll take it. I need all the help I can get.

Anything with collegen and elastin in it, along with a few natural calming ingredients like ginseng and mineral oil, usually gives your skin a little boost. It’s been a week so far and I’m not claiming the seas parted for me, but I do notice a very good difference in my post-partum skin. I’m still pretty jiggly, but my skin is really soft, seems a little tighter and doesn’t really look like a too-stretched elastic like it did last week.

I can’t exercise yet so I know it’s not muscle tone coming back and while I’m doing my best to eat well, sometimes a pizza delivered to my door is a life saver when I’m not sure what day or time it is and I am up to my ears in diapers. I also noticed that a few of the stretch marks I got have already started to fade a bit. They might not ever completely go away, but if they fade just a little more, I’ll be able to hide them with a good tanning lotion, like Jergen’s Skin Firming Natural Glow.

There is a very faint soap-y, clean, fresh smell with this but it goes away almost immediately. No interfering with any scented lotions you might use elsewhere, or perfumes. It rubs in quickly and isn’t greasy at all. The price is great, under $10 for a 16 oz bottle, so I really can slather it on without worrying if I’m going to run out before my next paycheck. I’ve used Jergens products for a long time and this has not disappointed. This is exactly the kind of drug store deal I love, a good product at a good price. I’ll be using this for a long time! At least until I can get regular pants on again. 

What have you found that helps minimize cellulite?

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