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Hi! It’s me, non controversial Rachael! Writing to you this time from sunny Miami where I am taking in a little much needed RNR after my strenuous shoot for the last 2.5 weeks! So I get down here, and I’m SOOOOOOOOO happy because South Beach is one of my most favorite places in the world (it’s where I first met Meg!!) and I unpacked my bags, put on a bathing suit with a little juicy tube dress over it and hit the pool at the Delano. I saddle up to a seat at the pool bar, order a frosty cocktail and feel the relaxation seeping thru my bod! Yup, I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now! Macking in my shades, drink in hand soaking up the shade (I can’t go in the sun because I have super fair skin and lots of freckles). So, the manager from the pool comes over, introduces himself and checks on my to see if there’s anything I need. WOW! I getting the treatment here!! Then before he walk away he says in his suave European accent “You really need some sun, I’ve never seen legs so white. Your arms are fine, but your legs!!”

Color me mortified. So I finish y cocktail and head to CVS to see if there’s anything that can help my hideously white legs. The first thing I see is a display for a new product from Jergens called Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer it comes in fair/medium and medium/tan. In my desperation I go fir the medium/tan. The concept of this stuff is that in three applications you get what it might take a week for the other gradual moisturizers to kick in. Let me tell you something: I was not blinding people with my whiteness at the pool the next day, and by the third day I was not only looking tropical, I had achieved a gorgeous tan without subjecting my skin to the dangerous rays of the sun!

Here’s what Jergens has to say about this kick-ass product: “Only Jergens is formulated with our exclusive Glow Perfecting Complex. This proprietary blend of skin tone specific color enhancers and anti-oxidents is designed to give you natural looking color in less time” >

Any other pale ladies who love their Jergen’s?

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