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acupunctureMore riveting testimonials concerning needles stuck into Jeanasina’s ears and other parts..

Hey ladies! It’s acupuncture woman – back for more needle in the haystack talk! (Me being the haystack here.) That’s right, twice a week, I continue to show up at the Acupuncturist’s office where I eagerly take off my socks, roll up my pants legs, and remove my watch. I leap up onto the doctor’s table and watch my acupuncturist come towards me with his box of needles. I never know just how many needles he is going to stick into my my ears, hands, and legs but (call Ripley’s!) I DO know that I’m going to be glad he is sticking them into ME!

I receive acupuncture, I take prescribed herbs, I drink a vitamin infused concoction twice a day and I am eating in an entirely new way!  I’m doing a lot of Chinese cooking these days. I HATE to cook but I have this list of ‘acceptable foods’ and I just mix them up and make all kinds of crazy stir fry meals that are fantastic! All of these things are changing my life! The MOST amazing thing for me is…(wait for it)…for the last five weeks, I have NOT been binge eating even once! Up to this point, I pretty much did it every day at some point! I was starting to accept that maybe I couldn’t stop! I always found a reason to do it again and then I’d start over the next day saying, “Maybe today I won’t do it!” Well…I haven’t done it in 5weeks! I also have not eaten anything after 8:00 at night! That’s usually my ‘strap-on-the-processed junk-food-feed-bag’ time! This in itself is absolutely unheard of and spectacular for me! A GARGANTUAN achievement! Sometimes, I used to fall asleep at night on the couch and I’d wake up and instead of going to bed, I’d head for the kitchen! I’d look for ‘junk food’ to eat and then I’d graze and THEN I’d go to bed. Next morning – total BLOATED woman lying on the bed! Back to the good stuff..I also have stopped drinking coffee and I haven’t had ANY sugar or sweets! Let me say again...FIVE WEEKS people! That’s pretty much a miracle in my world to have achieved these things! So…I have to believe that there is TRUTH to the fact that Acupuncture can help you lose weight! Say it with me “Yippieeeeee!”

Did I mention that I haven’t had ANY cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream or various heavenly mouth watering delights? I recently went to get my hair done and part of my ritual is to get a cut and color and then go to the bakery and purchase a big-ass cupcake and then eat it in the car in the parking lot of the hair salon! This time…I just went home! I’m not saying I no longer want these treats but I’ve realized I feel better when I don’t have these things! Even grocery shopping recently, I usually am compelled to purchase some yummy thing I see on the shelf and I walked right by my usual triggers!

I should tell you that part of the weight loss needle insertion is to help curb your appetite! It also helps with cravings! I wouldn’t have believed it, not a chance with me, but…I’m winning more battles against my favorite non-healthy food choices than ever thought possible! Besides the acupuncture needle treatments, the acupuncturist carefully places these little bead like objects on various areas of your ears and when you are tempted to do something stupid like eat a turtle sundae and some cheese curds you press on those little beads and it helps tell your body that after all you are not interested! He changes the beads from side to side from week to week. If somebody notices them I just tell them I’m part of a secret society.

Do the needles hurt going in? Kinda sometimes…for about a second. And…sometimes, you feel this electrical type feeling ‘zoom’ down your arm or finger that makes your eyes open up as wide as fried eggs! But again, you are assured that the little ‘zinger’ will be gone in a moment and it always is. Mostly I don’t really feel much – also why I don’t scream much! I’d say I don’t really feel 99% of the needles go in my skin.

One time I tried lifting up my arm with the needles in it – NOT A GOOD IDEA – that’s when you actually FEEL the needles. I just lie perfectly still and relax and imagine how great I’m going to look soon!

I researched lots of diet plans: ie. Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers but I’m glad I decided to dive in and go for Acupuncture to lose weight. I can tell I’m getting myself back again, but slowly. This is not a ‘quick’ weight loss plan – but it’s a healthy one. I’m learning an entirely new way to eat and it makes me feel great! I’m consuming more vegetables than I ever have before! Every now and again I’ll stand in front of the mirror and think...”I’m still in there!” and I’ll start to see the beginnings of the ‘me’ I’m hoping will emerge again from my overweight body when I complete my Acupuncture for Weight Loss adventure! So far I’m down 9 pounds! I’m excited! I purchased a treadmill! After 5 weeks of twice a week, I now go once a week.

I can’t wait to see a new and better me, a more vibrant and healthy me jumping into my husband’s arms and saying “Who wants to kiss me!?” The idea of him being able to hold me up off the ground is SO appealing!Whatever YOU do to stay healthy and to give your body and mind a high quality of health – then that’s exactly the right plan for you! Getting healthy is a gift to your body, but also to your life!

What do YOU do to stay healthy and feel wonderful that doesn’t involve spending an afternoon at an all-you-can-eat waffle palace?

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